Which Form of Television Works Best?

Television shows are a source of entertainment that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. But over the years, the channels through which we get this source of entertainment has changed. From giant flat-screen TVs to handheld smartphones, all services can be streamed whenever, wherever. But the question remains, which form of television works best?

1. Seasons

Like most American shows, seasons allow fresh storylines and the buildup of anticipation. Series like Game of Thrones or Grey’s Anatomy has had viewers, or rather fans, hooked for years. Each season brings new characters, along with old beloved characters and cliffhangers left to the imagination over the months the show isn’t aired.  

2. Daily Soaps

Daily soaps are rare in American culture but more prominent in others. Indian television, though not highly rated, has a huge fan following. Unfortunately, the quality of these shows tends to go down with time, but the loyalty remains for years. The logic seems to lack and connectivity is also absent in some cases. 

3. One and Done

Another form of television is the one and done kind of shows. Pakistani shows are like that. A story is filmed from start to end and airs on a scheduled timeline. It’s almost like a movie but in most cases 20 to 30 or more episodes. This allows certain social issues to be focused on, proper character development, and a clear objective for actors before they sign on. 

4. Full Season Releases

Perhaps one of the most increasingly popular forms of streaming is through the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and such. Original shows that are released a season at a time, so they can be watched without the wait. Most of these channels are subscription-based and people do pay for it, because of the quality entertainment they get in return.


Despite all these means allow the viewer to experience their entertainment in the most convenient form, the survival of a show depends on viewership. Shows are cancelled left and right, no matter how convenient it is to watch. So which form of television works best? The one that garners the most following. 

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