Why Charles is STILL in ‘great pain’ over Harry

Why Charles is STILL in ‘great pain’ over Harry

Photographer Rankin captured the Queen’s Golden Jubilee portrait when she turned 75. Interestingly, it seems to have become somewhat of a family tradition, as King Charles recently summoned Rankin to Clarence House in preparation for his own 75th birthday. The King’s birthday portrait has now been revealed, showing him in a black-and-white close-up with a mischievous glint in his eye. This portrait will grace the cover of the Big Issue magazine on Monday, coinciding with the launch of a cause close to his heart: the Coronation Food Project. This project aims to address the cost of living crisis by redistributing food that would otherwise go to waste. In the portrait, the King appears focused and determined, with a confident smile and visible wrinkles, reflecting his ascension to the throne well beyond retirement age. Buckingham Palace has released this birthday portrait of King Charles, taken by Rankin, to mark the launch of the Coronation Food Project. Friends of the King say he is invigorated by the challenge of becoming monarch and won’t make a big fuss about reaching this milestone.Charles, the future monarch, is reportedly not making a big deal about his upcoming birthday. He is said to be “invigorated” by the challenge of becoming king and is determined to use his time on the throne productively. Recently, it was announced that Charles will become the first ever patron of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Additionally, his sister Princess Anne will take over the presidency from the Duke of Kent.

After the launch of the Coronation Food Project for his birthday, Charles will continue with his usual routine. He starts his day at 7am with the same exercises that his late father used to do. This 11-minute workout, known as 5BX, includes toe-touches, sit-ups, back extensions, push-ups, and running on the spot. Despite a nagging back pain, Charles is said to be in good shape, which is necessary considering his long work days.

For breakfast, Charles enjoys eggs, toast, and honey. He prefers a cup of tea and a sandwich for lunch, and at 5pm, he indulges in one of his favorite Welsh cakes. His supper is simple, usually an omelette or jacket potato, before he continues working late into the night. Despite his busy schedule, Charles lives a simple and abstemious life. He doesn’t drink much, never overeats, and takes pleasure in still being able to fit into his old uniforms.

Charles has a diverse taste in music, enjoying everything from Wagner to Leonard Cohen, The Three Degrees, and even Bob Marley. However, his true passion lies in being outdoors. He enjoys walking, gardening, and working on his farm, particularly digging and hedge-laying.

In conclusion, Charles is focused on his future role as king and is determined to make a difference during his time on the throne. He maintains a disciplined routine and enjoys simple pleasures in life. His love for music and the outdoors brings him joy and relaxation.Prince William, during his visit to Singapore, expressed his desire to bring about real change to the causes he supports, going beyond what his family has done. This shows his commitment to making a difference.

There is a sense of anger towards Prince Harry from the King, who believes that Harry caused anguish to the late Queen in her final years. Additionally, Harry has insulted his own wife, Camilla, whom Charles is protective of. These actions have caused undeniable distress.

King Charles, along with Queen Camilla, has a mutual understanding that they need their own space. They operate more as a team now, but they still maintain separate homes, friends, and interests. This approach is seen as sensible and pragmatic in dealing with the pressures of royal life. After returning from foreign tours, they often retreat to their respective country homes for some well-deserved downtime.

During their time apart, Camilla spends time with her family and friends, while Charles enjoys his gardens or works on the farm. Even when they are together at Windsor Castle or Birkhall, they may sit and read in separate wings. This arrangement works well for them and strengthens their relationship.

As Charles contemplates his own legacy, the question arises about his son and heir, Prince William. It must have brought a smile to the King’s face when William stated in Singapore that he wants to go beyond simply highlighting good causes and actually create real change. This shows William’s determination to make a lasting impact.

In conclusion, while there may be differences and challenges within the royal family, each member has their own unique approach and goals. Prince William’s commitment to bringing about real change is commendable and aligns with his father’s desire to leave a positive legacy.A friend laughs and comments that they could do things better than they did in the olden days. William, like Harry, used to be hostile towards his father’s media ‘spin machine’ and had shouting matches with the King. However, now that William is a father himself, he is more understanding of his father. Charles being at Windsor more often allows him to spend more time with his grandchildren. The King and Queen operate more as a team now, but they still maintain separate homes, friends, and interests. According to a source, the King has made mistakes as a parent and would privately admit that he could have done things differently. However, he and the Prince of Wales are now united in their shared interest of keeping the institution in a place where it can serve the nation. The situation with Harry has brought everything into sharp relief and has caused the King great pain. There is currently minimal communication between Charles and Harry. The King is angry at the anguish Harry caused the late Queen and the insults he directed towards Camilla. Charles, who dislikes confrontation, has rejected Harry’s demands for an apology and is focusing on the business of state. There has been speculation about whether Harry has been invited to the King’s private birthday celebration, but he has not. The event will be a small, intimate dinner in London for close friends. Few family members will be present, as the King wants it to be an average day. There is hurt on both sides, but time will heal. The King doesn’t get to see his son or grandchildren, but there is no rush to patch things up. On Tuesday, the King will raise a glass of English sparkling wine to celebrate his birthday.Before those red boxes beckon him once again, the man decides to take a break from his online shopping addiction. He realizes that he has been spending too much time and money on unnecessary purchases. The allure of the red boxes, indicating new items for sale, has become too tempting for him to resist. He acknowledges that he needs to regain control over his spending habits and find healthier ways to occupy his time.

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