Why People with Autism Spectrum Should Be Part of Your Work Force?

autism spectrum disorder
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Autism spectrum disorder or ASD pertains to the range of autism a person has. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, ASD refers to a group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by repetitive and characteristic patterns of behavior and difficulties with social communication and interaction.

The autism spectrum has levels of classification, but it has many sub-types. Depending on the characteristics a person on the autism spectrum displays, each person develops differently.

Based on their innate talents and strengths, and the skills they acquire, people with ASD vary from highly skilled to severely challenge. Some can live independently, and some would still need support and guidance as they work their way.

Based on the study of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 54 children in the United States is affected by autism spectrum disorder. It occurs in boys four times more likely than in girls.

But individuals like them can be productive if we let them. They, too, have the capabilities to work and contribute to society. The disability we may be looking at in our own standard can be an extraordinary ability to them, when it comes to the dedication in accomplishing things.


The Right Job

In fact, there are lots of available job posts they can fill in and perform better than the average person. Consider them in occupations that they would exhibit their strengths with limited social interactions.

They can be part of computer-related jobs like programmers, software and video game or web designers, data encoder, or technicians. There is also a good possibility for those who have autism spectrum disorder to be in engineering positions doing drawings and computations.

Some of them may excel in visual media arts like photography, animation, video editing, layout artist. Or some can be animal trainers or be skillful workers in handicrafts, auto mechanic, equipment technician, laboratory technician, carpenter, or welder. Also, people with ASD can handle maintenance jobs in buildings and factories.

We can even find those with autism spectrum disorder as excellent accountants, librarians, journalists or writers, copy editors, clerks doing filing and inventory, sorting and restocking shelves. In fast-food chains, they can be assigned in routine works like cleaning and cooking. They can also be taxi drivers as they are good at memorizing the street names.

People with autism spectrum disorder can also achieve fame. They can be musicians, composer, author, producer, director, or even as an actor just like Daryl Hannah or Jerry Seinfeld.

Software and technology companies like Microsoft, the German tech company SAP, ULTRA Testing, and Platinum Bay Software value the skills of people with autism. Financial and accounting firms like Ernst and Young Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation confidently hire them.

Manufacturing and service industries like Ford, Walgreens, Home Depot and CVS Caremark, AMC Theatres, Rising Tide Car Wash, Chocolate Spectrum, and SMILE Biscotti have training programs just for people on the autism spectrum.

These companies open their workforce to people with autism spectrum condition because:

1. They are a creature of habits.

Concentrating on doing the same routine every day may be boring to the average human being. However, to those who have autism spectrum disorder, routinely give them stability. And by doing things over and over again, they do it diligently up to the level of perfection.

2. They are methodological.

They follow methods taught to them by their trainers or supervisors. If ever they find their own pattern in doing things, expect them to do something to the tee.

3. They are routinely happy and satisfied.

People with ASD do not get bored in their routines compared to average workers. As they are into routines, they do their work almost to perfection.

4. They are focus-driven.

As they are not into too much socializing, they can complete their given tasks earlier. They don’t get distracted by social activities around them and dedicate themselves to work.

 5. They are hard workers.

According to some studies, people on the autism spectrum find 10% more bugs in computers compared to their peers.

6. They have good memories.

They have an excellent ability to absorb information and process it to the details. For some, they can be useful in remembering calendar days or street names or the exact number of people in their class or office. You may find a person with autism spectrum to be a great assistant or secretary with the in and out of your schedules noted in their memory.

7. They are observant.

In a given situation, they can pick out certain patterns visually or musically.

 8. They are trustworthy.

One of the best traits every company wants to have from their employees is honesty.

Some companies already open their doors to people with autism as an acknowledgment of their social responsibility. On the other hand, these companies also know that people with autism spectrum disorder are gems in the workforce.

People with ASD may have limited abilities. However, their given abilities can be further improved with training and development. They can produce excellent results, benefiting the companies who have given them the importance.

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