robots be taking place of humans

In today’s era, everything is getting automated with the help of different technologies that have been evolved as time passed. We have grown a lot and achieved huge success in almost every field from healthcare, telecom, business, to agriculture and human resources and many more only because of the technologies. Technologies kept evolving with the time, from the very first telephone to wireless and Bluetooth, we have developed so much. Technology has made our lives very easy and now we cannot imagine our lives without these technologies.

From waking up in the morning to going to bed in the night, every one of us is dependent on some kind of technology. And these technologies are now getting even smarter than they are intelligent enough to make decisions, they are programmed in such a way that they sometimes learn like humans. At some times, such technologies are called as Artificial intelligence or machine learning and at some times it is called robotics. Technically, these technologies are different, but if we talk about replacing humans or their job with robots or machines, then they are interrelated to each other.

In 2016, a market research firm released that “the global revenue for Artificial Intelligence products and services will grow from 643.7 million in 2016 to $36.8 billion in 2025.” It is considered as Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing segment in the IT (Information Technology) sector.

As we are getting to know day by day that robots can work like humans, they can serve you in the restaurant and can take care of your daily work at home as well. The question that clicks in every person’s mind is that “will robots replace humans in the future?” Answer to these questions is NO! Robots cannot fully replace humans.

Here are a few reasons why robots are not able to replace human fully:

Robots Are Not Able to Understand Illogical Things:

Robots work on artificial intelligence and it is operated mainly using logic. It is called rational. But humans are not always rational, they are irrational at some times. It means that humans do not want logical answers to every question, sometimes they expect just emotional support or advice. If a human asks a question to the robot that is not based on any logic, then the robot will not be able to answer to that question because it can work only on the set of logic that is pre-programmed.

Robots are Not Able to Understand Customer Service:

Robots are emotionless, therefore they don’t understand what the customer wants and how to provide them the best solution or service. They only understand the boolean language, everything that is related to machines, programs, and numbers. They cannot provide any solution or advice on their own. They just follow the instructions that are coded in the software.

Robots Cannot Solve Problems On Their Own:

One of the different things in robots that cannot replace humans is that they lack in creative and imaginative problem-solving. They are not able to provide a solution or suggestion that can be helpful in solving problems. Unlike humans, they are not at all capable of creative thinking. They are undoubtedly good at doing repetitive tasks without getting bored. But they cannot imagine producing creative thoughts making humans irreplaceable.