Will the New Google Meet Features Crush Zoom?

Google Meet
Advanced features on Google Meet. Twitter Images

Google Meet introduces advanced features, and anyone with a Google account will also access the video conference feature of Google Meet. More exciting, a whole host of new functionalities are already appealing. The issue is whether one of those innovative features is sufficient enough to crush the rival Zoom’s success amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Zoom cuts meetings short after 40 minutes, unlike Google Meet, which is its greatest benefit. Meet enables free customer conferences with a maximum of 100 attendees to last up to 24 hours.

Google Meet has long been available to customers who pay. However, last month the corporation enabled the free service clients to access the new features as well amid the ongoing crisis. The Meet app will eventually substitute Hangouts, the earlier video chat initiative of the corporation. Both apps still operate side by side. The new features provide significant advantages above Hangouts. These include the outstanding video and audio quality, which consumes 30% less internet connectivity compared to its previous edition, mostly due to the usage of the VP9 codec already available on YouTube.

Google Meet Can Filter Background Noise

Google is now focusing on several features that would ideally offer an advantage over Zoom. The agency is monitoring indoor noise reduction with its employees. In a particular Google call, Serge Lachapelle, Product Management Director of G Suite, held a video chat. Before setting the noise reduction, Lachapelle scrumped a bag of candy just before the microphone. This made it impossible to understand what he was saying.

Later, the noise collapsed into a soft rustle in the distance and spoke audibly. Instead of noise cancellation on a local computer on Google’s cloud databases and one can extend it on any user, like smartphones and tablets.

“There’s a lot of talk about suppressing noise. Everyone is at home and the dogs are barking, the kids are fighting and the vacuum cleaners are going,” said Lachapelle. “I had a colleague chasing their Roomba [the robot vacuum cleaner] the other day on a customer call.”

Google offers its corporate clients the noise cancellation function. However, no specifics are presented as to when they could launch it for free users.

Presenter Features

Google often encourages minimizing confidential information during a conference through the new feature. This function enables speakers to hold a common browser tab. The agency clarifies this is the perfect platform to share high-quality videos with quality sound in meetings. Indeed, it would be pleasant also for the hundreds of speakers who are in quarantine now. Only in Google Chrome does the browser sharing feature function.

Google Meet assures that conference participants can be brought out of the shadows. They are using “AI” to increase the brightness of the faces of people if they are in a dim room or having a background light like a window. The company admits to playing catch-up with Zoom, thus modifying certain apps, especially the possibilities to blur one’s background or attach a customized wallpaper.


More Reliable Security

If Zoom’s security is ineffective, the company has recently compelled itself to control allegations. It is providing end-to-end encryption and requested security experts to rectify fundamental faults.

“We built Google Meet on top of WebRTC. It is an open-source platform that’s been specified and standardized at the Internet Engineering Task Force. This is a large group of experts around the world that take a look at the fundamentals of the internet,” said Lachapelle.

“The fundamentals of what Meet builds on top is open to a lot more inspection from the whole world than what a closed piece of software can offer.”

Lachapelle added that Meet also has the reliability of the current Google account scheme, including services like two-factor authentication.

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