Workers at Spanish Bar Discover 800-year-old Muslim ‘Hamam’

The Tapas Bar opened in 1923 and is almost a 100-year-old establishment now.

Seville Bar Hamam Discovered
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The workers renovating the ‘Cerveceria Giralda Bar’ in Seville, a southern city of Spain, surprisingly uncovered a perfectly preserved 12th century ‘Hamam’, or Turkish Bathhouse. The discovery came into light as they began the repair work. After a few hammers blow into the roof of the tapas bar, the owners witnessed a star-shaped skylight. As the archaeologist monitoring the renovation explains, the discovery was a completely unexpected one.

Giralda Bar


Alvaro Jimenez, the archaeologist looks over all the renovation works performed near Seville’s Cathedral, as it is a protected area. He told the media that as soon as they discovered the first skylight, they knew what it was. They followed the path of the skylights to figure out that it couldn’t be anything but a bath.

Discovery at Seville Bar near the World’s 4th largest Cathedral

Seville Spain Giralda Bar

The Moorish-style bar takes its name from ‘La Giralda’, which is an icon of Seville. The Giralda was Seville’s tallest building for 800 years that was originally built in 1195 as the minaret of the Aljama Mosque’. It is a UNESCO-recognized world heritage site. The Giralda Bar where the discovery has taken place is located next to the Seville Cathedral. This Cathedral of Saint Mary is an architectural marvel that stands gloriously in the middle of Seville.

Cathedral and Seville BAr

The cathedral was actually built on the remains of the “Almohad Aljama Mosque”. In 1147, Seville was conquered by the Almohad dynasty. The Hamams are public baths that are developed in Islamic countries and depict the fusion of Easter and the Roman bathing process. To a Turk, the Hamams or Turkish bath is really special.

Spain’s Seville bar Renovation Uncovered Islamic Artwork and Skylights

Skylights at Giralda BAr, Seville

The discovery led to the finding of 88 skylights, beautifully imbibed in the roofs of the bar. Some were star-shaped and some were octagonal. The workers uncovered beautiful artwork on the walls of the room that denoted Islamic art and has been found to be the 800- year-old Hamam. The Hamam, around an area of 200 square meters, had warm, hot, and cold rooms. What is astonishing is that the hamams’ thermal baths, artwork, sculptures, and wall fixtures were perfectly preserved.

Hamam Discovered at Seville BAr

Archaeologist Jimenez told the media that they thought the architect ‘Vicente Traver’, a 20th-century architect had destroyed the previous structure while building this. Apparently, he carefully hid away the Islamic artwork when installing the two extra floors while converting the building to a hotel. The Bar now beautifully presents the ornate geometric embellishments on its walls, its skylights, and tranquil paintings in the form of a living museum to reflect its history.


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