Wuhan shuts down public transport due to outbreak

  • Coronavirus is from the same family as the SARS virus
  • The government ordered everyone to wear facial masks in public places
  • The coronavirus infects more than 570 people
Wuhan shut down public transport due to outbreak
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The notice arrived at 2 am on January 23: Wuhan City will close all public transport at 10 am. That meant that those who wanted to leave the city had eight hours to do so, and the fight began. Local airports and train stations were crowded until late at night, and people had difficulty getting on the last train or flight outside the city, changing their travel plans and buying the remaining tickets.

A traveler at the station said he had packed his luggage a few minutes after seeing the closing order. “I’m a tourist. I can’t be caught here. I have to go at night.” he added.

In a statement, the city’s particular office, created to oversee the management of fatal coronavirus outbreaks, aims to attack illness, airports better, and all public transport Said to stop indefinitely. Exits at the railway station and airport have also been temporarily suspended, and authorities have urged people to refrain from leaving Wuhan unless there is “special reason.”

The sudden order came just a few hours after the official death toll nearly doubled between Wednesday morning and afternoon (January 22) and increased to 17 out of 9 previously reported Was. More than 570 people have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. Late Wednesday, according to state-run television. Currently, cases have been established in several places outside China, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and the United States.

Wuhan shut down public transport due
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The new virus is from the same family as the SARS virus that affected mainland China and Hong Kong in 2003, killing nearly 800 people. But scientists who sequenced the current strain earlier this month said it was quite far from the virus. Health officials have pointed out, however, that it is “very contagious and still mutant.” Authorities are still investigating the exact origin of the virus but confirmed that the outbreak dates back to the wholesale market for Wuhan fish and live animals that sold illegal wildlife. Since then, the market has been disinfected and closed.

The government said to wear masks:

Last night, the Wuhan government ordered everyone to wear facial masks in public places such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, parks, and public transport. According to the China Daily, the central government is taking urgent action to coordinate the production of masks in all states to address the increasing demand for facial covers.

Some Wuhan citizens said they understood the government’s decision, but urged authorities to strengthen supplies of medical equipment, especially facial masks. “We couldn’t find the mask at a nearby pharmacy, but what we ordered online takes a few days to deliver,” one user said.

Hospitals are full of the virus affected patients:

On the other hand, there are signs that Wuhan is struggling to keep up with the flood of patients, and there are reports that hospital beds are in short supply. Staff at Wuhan Hospital No. 4, one of the designated hospitals in the city to accept patients with coronavirus, confirmed with Quartz that she was unable to agree or evaluate new patients due to lack of beds. Wuhan Lung Hospital told Quartz that patients could be assessed but not recognized. “Only those who show severe symptoms, examined by a team of experts, can be hospitalized,” said a hospital employee.

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