Zoom misses its own deadline to publish its transparency report

The video conferencing platform Zoom has published its own transparency report; the CEO states that the company has put great effort to publish the report.

Zoom misses its deadline

What kind of government demands for user data has zoom received until now? We won’t know about that until later this year, a Zoom blog post states.

The company stated that it would release information about a number of government demands by June 30. However, the company missed its previous deadline and hasn’t given any new date for releasing the figures.
Zoom has been in hot waters recently. Several security concerns have come to light recently after a huge increase in its user base. The main reason for the increase in user base is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced people to stay at home.

The CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, mentioned in a blog post today that the company has made significant efforts to redefine its framework and approach for a transparency report. The transparency report mentions the details of things, like how Zoom uses the data, records, and content on its platform. He stated, “We will provide the data in our first fiscal report this year.”

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan

Transparency reports provide insights into the requests into the request a company gets for user data privacy. However, these reports aren’t compulsory. Still, they are quite essential to understand the complete scope of government surveillance.

Just last month, the company mentioned that it is going to publish its first transparency report after it suspended two U.S. accounts and a Hong Kong account at the request of the Chinese government. The users held a Zoom call to celebrate the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, an event that is related to censorship and secrecy in China.

The company stated that “it would follow the rules in the jurisdiction in which it operates. However, later the company stated that it would modify its policies to disallow the Chinese government’s requests to influence the users outside mainland China.

A Zoom spokesperson has declined to comment on the issue.

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