Is Syria War Over Following Assad Regime’s Control of Idlib Town?

Syria war

Syria’s opposition forces recede from the last scene of resistance in Syria war in Idlib as Assad forces cleared the last rebel-held province, northwest of the country. Khan Sheikhoun is one of the major towns of Idlib, and is strategically located between the capital Damascus and Aleppo. It had been under opposition control since 2014. The Syrian forces loyal to Assad and backed by his powerful Russian allies, surrounded the town on Monday where clashes continued for three consecutive days before the eventual withdrawal of the rebel forces. The besieged…

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Iranian Tanker, Adrian Darya 1 Released: Gibraltar Rebuffs US Request

Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1

Gibraltar authorities released an Iranian tanker, Adrian Darya 1 after six weeks of detention despite US request for prolonged detention. The British overseas territory had held the ship in July on suspicion it was carrying oil to Syria, the charge which Iran has been repeatedly denying. Any such transportation with Syria, where a civil-war has been undergoing for 9 continuous year, is in violation of European Union’s sanctions. However, despite the US pressures, or requests, the Iranian tanker provocatively floats in international waters again. When it was detained, the ship…

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Religion and History: Is the History of Religion the History of God?

Is History of Religion the History of God?

Usually, people misconceive the history of religion as the history of God. But it is an oversimplification of a highly complex idea. Religion is the source of spiritual satisfaction for the predominant majority of the world. It has always been like this, that the multitudes have preferred associating itself with a deity, to which it could ascribe all the miseries and misfortune of life. Perhaps, by doing this the human conscience has been able to absolve itself from the personal guilt and national calamities. By this way, religion has tended…

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Greenland is Not for Sale: Trump’s Suggestion Incurs Politicians Wrath

Greenland is not for sale: Trump's suggestion incurs politicians wrath

“Greenland is not for sale,” was the swift response from its foreign minister to Trump, who has recently suggested to purchase Greenland, the largest island of the world. Reuters quoted Ane Lone Bagger as saying that, “We are open for business but we are not for sale”. President Trump had earlier discussed casually with his advisors that the United States consider purchasing Greenland, the island that belongs to Denmark. The immediate reactions from the politicians by now must have made it clear to Trump that Greenland is not for sale.…

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Brexit Divorce, PM Johnson and Perils of Democracy: Opinion

Brexit Divorce

The new Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson has reiterated his earlier stance on Brexit divorce that Britain will leave European Union on Halloween, whether it has a divorce agreement or not. The position, majority of the lawmakers oppose. These are the perils of democracy, and for that matter absolute monarchies and dictatorships are considered smoother under one command. At least, in those systems the rulers do not have to listen to the public. Even if they superficially have do so, they are not necessarily obliged to implement the…

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