15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride




15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
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Black color can describe power, courage, and strength. Firstly, wearing black diamond rings can be a way for the couple to show that they’re dedicated to their relationship. Secondly, they believe in the strength of their union. Black diamond shines like a night. This quality of black diamond seeks attention from many. You want a ring that isn’t like anyone else. You are craving black engagement rings; we hear you.

To help you, we dug deep to find black engagement rings that are different and unique in design. We round up the list of best black engagement rings for a traditional bride. Moreover, the list involves rings with diamonds, a ring with gemstones, quartz, crystal, non-diamonds, offbeat rings, and much more. Additionally, we even found some extremely expensive plus luxurious 15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride for every budget in different online jewelry stores.

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride

1. Anna Sheffield Marquise Bea Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from ANNA SHEFFIELD website/edited by A. Ibrahim.

This beautiful black diamond ring is best for a non-traditional bride. Anna Sheffield Bea is a ring fit for a princess with a marquise–cut black diamond set in 14k rose gold. You can buy this beautiful piece from ANNASHEFFIELD.COM. They deliver an order within 4-6 weeks. The price of this ring is $6100, and this ring will be slain in the bride’s hand.

2. Blue Nile Riviera Noir Black Diamond Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from blue Nile Website/edited by A. Ibrahim.

This nice engagement ring is perfectly available in 18k yellow gold. This gorgeous piece allows for the beauty of the black diamonds to speak for themselves. The fantastic piece of diamond art is just freaking good enough to buy for the engagement.  This non-traditional article is available at BLUENILE.COM for $1290 only.

3. Anna Sheffield Astarte Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from Anna Sheffield’s website/edited by A. Ibrahim. 

The princess-cut black diamond ring is set in a platinum band and has two smaller side stones (in black diamond). If you want to buy this ring, you can simply ask them about its price and other description on their website, which is ANNASHEFFIELD. A traditional bride can wear this eye catchy ring all the time.

4. Artemer Black Diamond Flora Engagement Ring

Black Diamond Flora Engagement Ring
Image from Artemer studio’s website/edited by A. Ibrahim. 

It is a dark and romantic floral engagement ring from Artemer that features a cluster of stunning black diamonds set in 18k solid yellow gold. You can place your order at Artemer studio. They usually didn’t mention their ring prices and jewelry prices on their websites. However, you can receive your order in 6-8 weeks.

5. Allurez White And Black Engagement Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from Allurez.com/edited by A. Ibrahim. 

This classical beautiful ring for a non-traditional bride is customizable. She can choose a cushion, emerald, or round stone that is paired with platinum, palladium, rose, white, or yellow gold. Moreover, if she is unsure if the black diamond is not her thing, there are 20 other options to choose from. This royal ring is available in many sizes as well.  This ring is available at ALLUREZ.COM for $18,208 only.

6. Brilliant Earth Hex Black Diamond Signet Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from brilliantearth.com/edited by A. Ibrahim. 

It’s a minimal non-traditional style engagement ring outside the box with this hexagonal black diamond ring. It’s an 18k yellow gold ring with ½ total carat weight.  This black ring is available for $1390 at BRILLIANT EARTH, and its price is $890 only.

7. Catbird Wedding Odile The Swan Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from catbirdnyc.com/edited by A. Ibrahim. 

It is a beautiful piece; your non-traditional bride will love this ring. The ring has a rose-cut black diamond center and two brilliant-cut white diamond accents. This ring has 100% solid 14k gold or platinum material with a weight of 61 carats. You can purchase your piece from CATBIRDNYC.COM for $1350 only.

8. Gemvara Contessa Ring

image from Gemvara.com/edited by A. Ibrahim

Gemvara’s Emerald Cut black diamond is as black as night, but its faceted surface shines as diamonds can. Gemvara has a wide range of customizable rings. The sleek and contemporary style features an oval-cut black diamond. Its primary metal is 18k rose gold with a price of $4055 only at GEMVARA.COM.

9. Kay Black Diamond Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from kay.com/edited by A. Ibrahim.

This engagement ring is a kind of round-cut black diamond ring that is beyond captivating. This ring has a 10k white gold band with a shiny black diamond stone. However, you are sure to love this ring for years to come. It’s available at KAY.COM for $1199 only.

10. La Kaiser 14k Rose Gold Black Diamond Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from localeclectic.com/edited by A. Ibrahim.

This stunner ring would be the best engagement ring for a non-traditional bride. It’s a ring with a solid rose gold band, a crescent moon, and two petite diamonds. It would be the perfect addition to your bride’s daily stack. This minimal article is available at LOCALECLECTIC.COM, and the price is $660 only.

11. Anna Sheffield Celestine Rose Gold And Black Ring

15 Black Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from annasheffield.com/edited by A. Ibrahim.

It is for the non-traditional bride who wants to feel like a queen. Just give her this majestic piece of diamond on her big day. A rose gold ring with a round-cut black diamond, it’s as majestic as its gets. You can buy it for her at ANNASHEFFIELD Website. They don’t mention prices on their website, but you can ask them.

12. Capucine Engagement Ring With Princess –cut Black Diamond

Non-Traditional Bride Ring
Image from capucinne.com/edited by A. Ibrahim.

This princess cut engagement ring is beautifully designed with 14k to 18k rose gold band and white diamond ring stones. Additionally, the design can be made with gemstones of your choosing. This majestic ring is available at CAPUCCINE.COM for $1600 only.

13. Camellia Jewelry Black Diamond 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring

 Black Engagement Ring
Image from camelliarts.com/edited by A. Ibrahim.

The romantic engagement ring with spellbinding black diamond stones featuring a flower design.  A 14k rose gold band is accompanied by two black diamond side stones for a fairytale. It’s a perfect ring for the traditional bride at an engagement or wedding function. This fantastic ring is available at CAMELLIARTS.COM for $1617 only.

14. Shop Clementine Black Diamond Hexagon Engagement Ring

image from Brides.com/edited by A. Ibrahim.

This ring is perfect for a non-traditional bride as it is a timeless and simple engagement ring so far. The pure black diamond at the center of this beautiful ring comes in a hexagonal shape that seeks attention. It is set in a 14k yellow gold light harmed band. This eye catchy ring is available at ETSY for $799 only.

15. Angara Round Black Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings for the Non-Traditional Bride
Image from ANGARA.COM/ edited by A. Ibrahim.

A ring with one studded pave diamond. It is the most demanding ring of its unique design. Moreover, she can choose between platinum rose, yellow, or white gold paired with any crate size. It’s the most beautiful ring for the bride. You can also purchase it from ANGARA.COM and ask them for the price.

Wrap Up

In this blog, we did our best to find the most beautiful 15 black engagement rings for the non-traditional bride. Black diamond or black stone is a sign of courage, dignity, and faith, but when it comes to a relationship, it becomes the way to express loyalty to each other. A black stoned ring is very difficult to find, especially when we search online. Most black diamond rings are available in the set of gold, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

However, black diamond is quite expensive than white diamond because of their unique reflection. Websites like Anna Sheffield offer unique designs in rose gold or yellow gold. Gemvara.com mostly takes customized orders. They also offer options in metals. LOCALECOLECTIC is good at floral designs. ALLURE mostly takes customized orders of engagement rings, and the designs are unique. Black diamonds can be used as a stone with different metal bands. These diamond prices vary between $799-$1799.

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