9 Habits that Drain your Daily Focus and How to Avoid Them

9 Habits that Drain your Daily Focus
Habits that Drain your Daily Focus. Flickr Images

What habits make it difficult to focus solely? Many folks worry about why they can’t seem to get anything done. We create plans, but nothing comes to fruition, and you feel you’ve been toiling in the fields all day.

Here are 9 habits to avoid if you want to improve your focus.

  • Saying yes to everything

Say ‘No’ more often to create a place for what is important; otherwise, your schedule will be full of events you didn’t want to accept.

  • Wasting time vs relaxing


  1. If you want to rest, relax completely.
  2. Don’t squander your time on activities that aren’t beneficial to you.
  3. Examine how the exercise makes you feel, and change it if you do not feel better afterwards.
  • Quick-fire video/episode viewing

With their many signals, vivid colors, and loud noises, most YouTube videos and TV shows put your brain into the quick-fire mode, which will destroy your long-term, low-fire concentration mode as you become acclimated to them.

  • Dehydration

A lack of water implies a shortage of oxygen for your brain, depending on whether it lives or perishes. Maintain a high level of oxygen flow. Drink plenty of water.

  • Attempting to multitask

Multitasking is physically impossible. Your brain can’t manage it and quickly flips between things, yet consuming energy is far faster than if you just focused on one thing.

  • Eating fatty meals

Eating heavy meals requires more energy from your body to process. They also provide more incredible power afterwards, but you must account for roughly 1–2 hours of digestion after eating a substantial meal, which will make it difficult to focus. Eat light, remain active, and concentrate.

  • Dirty atmosphere

How come CEO offices are usually spotless? It’s because they realize how much better they feel in a clean atmosphere. Remove everything that isn’t required and maintain your place tidy.

  • Getting addicted to quick gratification

Anything that offers you a brief surge of dopamine, even attention, is terrible for your long-term projects. It will be much more difficult to sustain oneself when you move from quick dopamine to something that takes much longer.

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  • Not properly preparing for your day

Leaving blank spaces on your schedule can deplete your attention. White spaces are simply an invitation to revert to old, unhealthy patterns.

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