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Elections in Turkey – A Futuristic Overview

Posted on: 20 May 2019

This article covers the aftermath of the Elections in Turkey. Recently Elections in Turkey were held in March 2019. As an important middle east player,  elections in Turkey are of great importance for the international community. The situation in Iraq and Syria are directly or indirectly dependent on Turkey. The justice and development party (AK part) came first in turkeys local elections. The elections were held on March 31, 2019. AK party got 16 percent more votes than its if the closest rival, the Republican People’s Party (CHP). The People’s…

THE WORLD BANK – Functioning and Challenges

Posted on: 17 May 2019

We are all aware of the “World Bank”. However, very few of us know its functioning and challenges. This article will cover the working of the world bank. The world bank grants loans to developing countries to establish their economies. Since its inception in 1944, The world bank has disbursed loans to many countries to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment and other Challenges. Its stated mission is to fight poverty and inequality. It offered money and advice to developing countries. It was conceived in 1944 at the same conference Bretton Woods,…

Massive Global Changes in the World. How are You Affected?

Posted on: 16 May 2019

Today’s world is absolutely the age of massive global transformations. This article is all about the impacts of massive global changes on human life. Fundamental global changes are taking place at a rapid pace. Past twenty years progress is much more than the previous 200 years. This article will cover the impacts of global changes in the political, social, economic and digital domain Significant changes are taking place in the geostrategic space. We are witnessing the rise of new powers. We are indeed in a moment of transition. The world…


Posted on: 15 May 2019

The NATO-USA relations were strong during the cold war era. After 9/11 this alliance gained momentum when the United States  announced a war on terror. However, the alliance seemed divided on the Iraq and Libya wars. This article will explain the present situation and future of US-NATO relations. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization spent the last 70 years readying itself for its primary task which has always been to defend Western Europe from Attack by the Russians and their allies. When in 1991 the Warsaw Pact collapsed along with the…