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Bio: I enjoy wandering and getting lost because that's the only way to discover new aspects about people, places, things and most significantly myself. I find inspiration in the various elements of travel, history, sports, fashion, music, movies and food. Writing is one of the most rewarding means for me to share my enthusiasm for the details of those inspirations.

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7 Tips For Getting Through the Work Week

Posted on: 15 Jul 2015

The work week is hardly ever described in a positive light. There are endless memes online to describe the general feeling toward work days, especially early work days and of course the last work day of the week -usually Friday. As much as you may like your job, there is no denying that it takes up a lot of your energy and at times even drains you. When you are putting a lot of effort into something, it will have moments which make you feel anxious for the day or…

9 Types of Quotes Every Girl is Ready to Post One Day

Posted on: 13 Jul 2015

Most people with a social media account have at least a few quotes in mind or saved onto their phone that they are ready to post when the time is right. The popularity of using quotes to express yourself has surely risen as soon as you could express yourself to a larger group of people -some of whom you know personally and some who are complete strangers. Perhaps you are trying to send a message to yourself, something reflective of your day or week, or you may be sending a…

8 Signs You are The Control Freak of the Group

Posted on: 10 Jul 2015

Every group of friends consists of people who contribute various aspects. In each of these groups, there is the control freak. There is always that one friend who likes things done a certain way and may not necessarily always be content if things do not go as planned. This person is also usually the organizer of the bunch. Since this is speaking of a group of people, there are several personalities, tastes, money availability and time schedules to take into consideration. Not to misconstrue anything, every group needs someone that…

The Struggle of Non-Exclusive Dating

Posted on: 09 Jul 2015

Dating is not the easiest and most comprehensive activity or relationship status to define. Especially in today’s society with so many available methods to meet new people, network and communicate, there is always a way in which things can get either complicated or result in something unexpectedly great. Romantic relationships are certainly not as easy to come by as they possibly were a few decades ago. Currently, “dating” is a vague word that people may define or look upon from contrasting views. Moreover, the age-old activity initially or eventually asks,…

Living for Today Instead of the Past

Posted on: 08 Jul 2015

Starting from about their mid-twenties on, people tend to do a lot of reminiscing about the good ol’ days. You remember the times when you had less responsibilities, worries or troubles than what you have at the moment; you often wish you could go back in time. You also start pinpointing the things you wish you had not done, the things you would have done or the small details you would have changed about yourself or your experiences. Are you living too much in the past? Perhaps the stories that…