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Steve-O Arrested for Protest Stunts at SeaWorld

Posted on: 12 Aug 2015

It is common knowledge that animal lovers detest whenever their furry friends are reduced to being spectacles in a show. Sometimes organizations don’t even treat the animals well enough or give them the proper care and attention that an animal needs to thrive. SeaWorld does not have a very good reputation when it comes to the way their animals are treated. Sometimes even celebrities join the fight and speak up for the animals that are undergoing questionable treatment. One such celebrity is Steve-O, who recently took an inflatable whale, climbed…

Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson to Star in a Baywatch Film

Posted on: 12 Aug 2015

Baywatch is known for being the sultry television series from the 90’s that was about the lives of the lifeguards that helped guard Malibu Beach in Los Angeles. Actors like David Hasselhoff, who was also the executive producer, and Pamela Anderson gained a lot of fame from the series. After the television series ended, there has not been much talk about it, especially since many other television shows and films came about and formed a new era of television content. As of now, Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson are in…

Since The Fukushima Daiichi Disaster, Japan Releases First Nuclear Reactor

Posted on: 12 Aug 2015

Japan is one of those countries that have genuinely had a regretful history with nuclear disasters. However, somehow the country has always been able to bounce back and recover from the aftermath of these disasters. One such recent event is the disaster of the Fukushima Daiichi that took place in the year 2011. After the disaster took place, the country shut down several nuclear plants due to inadequate safety protocols. Also, the forty-three nuclear power plants that Japan had have been shut down since 2013. Since the earthquake and tsunami…

Curiosity Rover on Mars Has Third Anniversary and Gets New Features

Posted on: 10 Aug 2015

Recently, the Curiosity Rover that has been on Mars for a while has sparked sensational news of possible life on the planet. A dark shadow of a woman like figure was found in one of the images released by the Curiosity Rover. UFO watch groups all over the world have been magnifying the image further and speculating the possibility of the rover having found another alien species. This time, the rover has made the news again because it is the third anniversary since being on the surface of Mars. However,…

New Line Cinema to Develop a New Version of Nightmare on Elm Street

Posted on: 10 Aug 2015

Nightmare on Elm Street is a classic American horror film that released in the year 1984. The film is about the villainous Freddy Kruger who slashes his young teenage victims through the nightmares they have about him. The film went on the become one of the iconic classic films from the 80’s and to this day is one of the most recognized titles and one of the favorite themes for Halloween costume parties. Looks like the film isn’t done cashing in on its fame just yet; New Line Cinema wants…