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Ebola Nurse Planning to Leave Maine

Posted on: 10 Nov 2014

Kaci Hickox spoke with CNN’s, Anderson Cooper this week about moving away from Maine. The Doctors Without Borders nurse returned from helping patients in Sierra Lyon to a 21 day quarantine, which she vehemently fought against. Officials from the state of Maine quarantined the health worker for 21 day period. The time it takes for the Ebola virus to incubate. In a recent update Hickox told Anderson Cooper, “The biggest reason that I fought is because I, you know, I felt so much fear and confusion, and I imagined what my…

Apple Mommunemt Taken Down in St. Petersburg

Posted on: 05 Nov 2014

A Russian monument dedicated to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was taken down this Friday after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced he was gay. The monument is shaped like an over-sized iPhone and was put up in 2013 in the courtyard of the St. Petersburg University Campus. The man responsible for putting up the memorial is Maxim Dolgopolov. He is head the of Western European Financial Union (ZEFS) and spoke of Tim Cook’s revelations in Bloomberg BusinessWeek article. Later, he went the website of a Russian radio station, Ehko Moskva, to…

Spanish Nurse’s Assistant Cured of Ebola

Posted on: 21 Oct 2014

A Spanish nurse’s aide, Teresa Romero Ramos, who contracted Ebola while helping a patient, has been cured of the disease. Her most recent test results show a low percentage of the virus in her blood stream. Three samples of her blood were transported to the Spanish CDC, at the National Mirco-Biology Institute for observation. The,44. year old nurses assistant stated she wiped a glove on her face when treating a missionary priest. After he died she came into his room several times to gather his things. The CDC is monitoring…

Trump Accuses Obama of Mental Illness

Posted on: 20 Oct 2014

Donald Trump took to twitter this week to share his opinion’s on Obama and the Ebola outbreak. This is not the first time the Real-Estate Mogul has used Twitter as a way to catapult his views into the public eye. Early this Thursday Donald tweeted, “I am starting to think that there is something seriously wrong with President Obama’s mental health. Why won’t he stop the flights. Psycho!” Looks like Obama will not stop the very potentially dangerous flights to and from West Africa. What the hell is wrong with…

Nurse Blow’s the Whistle on Texas Presbyterian

Posted on: 17 Oct 2014

A Dallas Nurse, Briana Aguirre spoke with NBC’s Matt Lauer about the lack of health precautions at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Aguirre, never came into direct contact with Duncan, but did care for Nina Pham. Pham, was the first healthcare worker to contract Ebola after assisting Thomas Eric Duncan. She is being transferred to a hospital in Maryland this week. Amber Vinson, who also cared for Duncan is being transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for further treatment. She was self-monitoring when she reported a low-grade fever; She is the second…