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Bio: I am supposed to describe who I am without revealing too much in less than 100 words. In fact even less than that now! It is a ridiculous task, but I guess the purpose of this box is not for you all to really get to know me, but for you to want to get to know me and of course read my material. Hope this is enough! I am a confident person who loves movies, TV shows, music and books. I am someone that wants to influence the entire world and this is the beginning.

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Why You Should Watch Netflix’s Dear White People Now

Posted on: 08 May 2018

If you didn’t binge the second season of Dear White People this past weekend, then you need to catch up now. There are only ten episodes and they’re roughly 20-30 minutes each. You can do it! If you have never heard of this show, then well, it’s first season of also ten episodes premiered last spring on Netflix. It’s not as popular as Netflix hits Stranger Things or Black Mirror but deserves to be. Both seasons of the show have zero rotten (negative) reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The first season…

Russia Strikes Against Protestors

Posted on: 07 May 2018

On Saturday, thousands of people rallied on Russian streets against President Vladimir Putin who was inaugurated for a fourth time on Monday. Russian police combated these demonstrations, detaining no less than 1,600 protestors. In Moscow, people filled Pushkin Square in the city’s center. They then faced groups of riot police officers who ran into the crowd, attempting to end the rally. Over 700 people were detained in Moscow, while the total was 1,612 in 26 Russian cities, according to the protest-monitoring website OVD-Info. “They’re even worse than bandits — the…