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How To Rock Winter Dresses

Posted on: 12 Oct 2015

The award for the most comfortable go to outfit in winter goes to the jeans and sweater combo. Yes, this look is getting a little tired of being pulled out of your wardrobe time and time again. So it is now time to give it a break. Switch things up by creating a new go to combo. In fact, why not try dresses with tights. Now you may be thinking that wearing dresses in the winter is cold weather suicide. But it is completely the opposite. Wearing dresses in the…

Winter Whites: Wearing a Forbidden Color in Winter

Posted on: 12 Oct 2015

Every fashionista has heard at least once that she should never wear white after Labor Day. But white is such a tempting color that it can’t be just reserved for wear up until a certain holiday. One must be able to experiment with this color year round. This means that even in the winter you should be able to wear white. So if you are a style conservative, continue following this ancient rule. But if you are a risk taker, throw out this forbidden rule and wear your whites year…

Red Carpet for Less

Posted on: 15 Jul 2015

Let’s face it. Every fashionista dreams of having a ‘Cinderella’ moment. A time when all eyes are on her and she can soak up all of the attention. The truth is that having a red carpet moment can be expensive. Just the jewels alone can cost as much as the mortgage on a home. This just leaves a fashionista wishing and hoping that someday she will have her moment to shine. But that day may be here sooner than she thinks. This is because of the lower price market available…

Just Waist It: Creating Shape Under Winter Layers

Posted on: 08 Jul 2015

When the temperature drops many rush to their closets in hopes of finding layers to wear out in the bitter cold. Some may be fully prepared for what winter has in store, others not. With endless supply of boots, sweaters, coats, tights, and leggings, anyone can look at their closet and say that they are winter ready. Others wait until the temperature drops to finally rush to the store and stock up on winter apparel and accessories. Either way having a nice stock of winter apparel at hand can shield…

For The Girl on a Budget

Posted on: 03 Jul 2015

Being a fashionista on a budget can be tough. Peeking past the cover of magazines to reveal the latest trends really makes a girl feel poor. There are so many accessories, shoes, and clothing to buy that your head probably spins with excitement. But you can’t buy most of what you see printed on the glossy pages that slip through your fingers. The struggle to maintain one’s appearance among all the excitement ushering in new arrivals is rough. But this is the life of a girl on a budget. She…