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Throwing Texture into the Wardrobe Mix

Posted on: 28 Oct 2014

The wardrobe of many fashionistas will be filled to the rim with many trends this fall season. From maxi cardigans, to over the knee boots and chunky knits, there will be a never ending supply of collections to satisfy any fashionista or fashionMr. sweet tooth. It is especially important to keep on the lookout for texture in accessories and apparel. As they are what will bring an added special effect to your outfit this season. To achieve this elevated look purchase leather, tweed, wool, and denim. In accessories look for…

Be a Sponge for Grunge

Posted on: 28 Oct 2014

This fall and winter season, it’s clear that the grunge era did not end in the 90s as everyone assumed. No, in fact there is a revival of plaid and skater skirts everywhere. The grunge style can be looked at as a way of wrestling with one self and not committing. You know what you want to say and you know that you are an individual with a voice but you just can’t commit to what your statement will be. So one throws on a beanie, a skater skirt, baggie…

Is it Really too Cold for Shorts?

Posted on: 28 Oct 2014

Jeans, corduroys, leggings, thermal knits and tweed. Anything with a heavier fabric is a perfect layering option for fall and winter. So these fabrics are immediate stocking options when one is deciding on the perfect fall and winter wardrobe. Sure denim, corduroys and leggings are a good match for the cold, but there can also be room to add shorts. There is a bit of a taboo to wearing shorts in the cold. The looks, quick glances and stares can scare anyone away from throwing a pair of shorts on.…

Don’t Make Skirts an Issue

Posted on: 28 Oct 2014

As the colder weather covers much of the globe the first thing that many grab out of his/or her wardrobe is a coat. The second item grabbed can assumed to be a pair of boots, probably new and fresh out of the box. A sweater, jeans, or leggings, and a thermal are to be put on next to make a complete outfit. All of the items bring a promise of warmth and comfort that is extremely desired during the colder months. So bringing out a skirt could be alarming to…

Go Mad for Plaid

Posted on: 28 Oct 2014

Plaid, once reserved for Scottish bagpipers, is now a statement piece quickly on the rise and landing in closets across the fashion hemisphere this fall. This print has gone through a history of revival. From it’s popularity with the grunge movement in the 90’s to now, plaid has become a trend that cannot be thrown out with other fads. So what keeps bringing this print back into the fashion game? It’s versatility especially during the fall and winter season. Paired underneath a chunky knit sweater, skinny jeans, or leggings, a…