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Nonprofit Started By Teen Gives Feminine Products to Homeless

Posted on: 31 Oct 2016

Homelessness and poverty are things that people struggle with all around the world. People often forget that these people go without some of the most basic items people use every day. One organization started by a teen is addressing that. NowThis is reporting that a teen has started an organization that donates feminine hygiene products to homeless. The news of this interesting idea has caught many people’s attention. The organization was started by a young woman by the name of Nadya Okamoto. The 18-year-old created the non-profit about two years…

Airstrike Hits Yemen Prison

Posted on: 31 Oct 2016

The state of turmoil in Yemen is very concerning to people all around the world. Not only is the fighting having a bad impact on the government systems of the nation and neighboring countries, but thousands of innocent lives are also being lost. A recent attack has put more people at risk. BBC News is reporting that an airstrike has hit a prison in Yemen. The news has many concerned about what this means for the people of the nation. News of the airstrike arose around Sunday afternoon. BBC News…

Tyra Banks Continues to Campaign for Clinton

Posted on: 31 Oct 2016

As the elections come closer, people are looking towards respected figures to have an impact on the undecided voters. One notable African American female figure is stepping up and continuing to campaign for Hilary Clinton. CNN is reporting that Tyra Banks is continuing to make stops in Southern states to campaign for Hilary Clinton. This news has many people curious as to what she has to say. Tyra Banks latest opinions on the Clinton campaign arose on Saturday night. CNN reports that the former supermodel and talk show host is…

Kaine Makes Predictions About the Supreme Court

Posted on: 30 Oct 2016

People all over the United States have been looking at the government and awaiting a decision to be made on the open seat on the Supreme Court to be taken. While many politicians and other officials have their opinion, a notable figure has made his own prediction, CNN reports that Tim Kaine has a prediction on what will happen in regards to the Supreme Court. This news has many people curious as to what the man has predicted for the court. The news of Kaine’s predictions came about on Friday…

Ferguson Activists Mourn the Loss of Vine App

Posted on: 29 Oct 2016

Earlier this week, people were shocked at the news that Twitter was closing done the Vine application. While some were not surprised at the news as the app has lost popularity in recent months, some people were upset at the news of the loss of this application. Some notable protesters were among these groups. CNN is reporting that activists in Ferguson are upset about the closing of the app. This news has many people looking into what ties the group has to the application. The news of this disappointment stems…