11 Most Expensive Celebrity Mansions in the United States

The famous and rich celebrities have the luxury to spend days in opulent mansions that often look more like gigantic castles – and sometimes – are in some of the most coveted and exclusive neighborhoods in the country.

11 most expensive celebrity mansions
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Here is the list of the 11 most expensive celebrity mansions. As we all know that the famous and rich celebrities have the luxury to spend days in opulent mansions that often look more like gigantic castles – and sometimes – are in some of the most coveted and exclusive neighborhoods in the country. With amenities that would make royalty blush, these celebrities have extraordinary properties that perhaps most of us can never afford to buy. But let us take a look at some most expensive homes.

Tiger Woods – Florida Mansion, $60 Million

tiger woods mansion
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Tiger Woods is undoubtedly among the living legends of golf and over the years, he has earned quite a remarkable success. But following his divorce from his former wife, Elin Nordegren, the golfer wanted some privacy. So, Tiger decided to buy a luxury island state for a whopping $60 million. Besides, what’s a better way to spend some time alone in your gigantic mansion. Given his massive fortune of a staggering $800 million, his Jupiter island mansion in Florida should not come as a surprise.

Speaking about the estate, it features a four-hole golf course with six bunkers, a world-class gym, and surprisingly, a large mooring for his boats. Additionally, if Tiger wants to chill out or relax, he does not have to go anywhere because he has his oxygen room. No wonder why his glorious mansion made it to the list of best celebrity mansions.

Mark Zuckerberg – Lake Tahoe, $59 Million

mark zuckerberg
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When you are a tech giant and one of the youngest billionaires in the world, it obviously comes with a lot of perks; you don’t have to worry about price tags. That is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook did while splurging a massive $59 million on to simple and aesthetic properties in Lake Tahoe. What makes the area more heavenly is the greenery surrounding the expansive property, especially the lush green tall trees.

We bet you will be surprised to find out that the stunning house features a private dock complemented with a mesmerizing exterior and a hot tub. Not only that but for guests and visitors Mark also has a small guest house and when we say small, we mean nearly 2,300 square feet.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – California, $60 Million

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In 2014, the power-couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian bought their luxury mansion for $60 million and spend an additional $20 million on renovations. Well, we must admit that the duo has got a unique taste when it comes to the real estate portfolio (at least their property in California suggests that!). Reportedly, Kim spends most of her time in her California house with her loving husband and three adorable kids. The three-acre property has two pools, eight bedrooms, a fully equipped music lab, and a vineyard.

Though the super-expensive property does not feature any extraordinary ornament to make it look good, it seems that the lovebirds like it minimal and aesthetic. In fact, the only color that covers the exterior, walls, floor, and ceiling is white. One would say, it is weird, right? But West revealed that it was inspired by a Belgian monastery that he likes.

Celine Dion – Florida, $28 Million

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Celine Dion indeed has the most powerful voices in the music business, so it’s not surprising that throughout her successful career, the songstress amassed a massive fortune of $380 million. So, her Bohemian-style paradise mansion should not come as a surprise. The $65 million worth house has a game room equipped with high-tech machines, a dedicated media room, and a spacious and minimalistic kitchen. Besides, the mansion features a stunning pool, a perfect place to get a pedicure or manicure while enjoying the world’s finest wine, and looks like the place where the singer might practice her vocals daily.

Drake – Hidden Hills, $7.7 Million

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Drake, the hip-hop superstar, is well-known for expressing himself in his projects. But what he might not discuss in his songs is indeed his California mansion, which has a mesmerizing pool surrounded by caves. His house in the gated neighborhood has been home to be many well-known celebrities, including Bieber, Kardashians, and many other well-known folks.


Though the house is full of so many breathtaking and luxurious things, his insane pool stands out and is undoubtedly among the world’s most expensive ones. Here is an interesting fact about it, it was designed to outdo Playboy Mansion’s pool. And undoubtedly, it has to be the best house on the list of the best celebrity mansions.

Will Smith – California, $42 Million

will smith
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The award-winning actor, singer, and producer, Will Smith, rose to international fame after his appearance in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. But it turns out that these days he is the real estate king of California. Following the personal problems between Will and her wife, Jeda, the pair decided to purchase a spectacular mansion for a whopping $42 million. With the latest hit like ‘Aladdin,’ he had Midas touch in his career and became the highest-paid actor in the world.

So, we would not expect anything less from Hollywood’s ‘it’ couple. Their spacious property features basketball, tennis courts, a recording studio, and is surrounded by lush green trees. Plus, the duo has numerous other properties under their name, but this remains their biggest investment to date.

Taylor Swift – Rhode Island, $17 Million

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Well, let us admit that at this very young age, Taylor has successfully managed to achieve what most people cannot. Not only is the stunning Taylor good at singing, but also knows the art of spending her millions of dollars of net worth on high-value real estate properties. She is a proud owner of several luxury houses, but it seems that her breathtaking Florida beach house is her favorite as she likes to spend most of her time there.

Given the spectacular view of the beach and bay, anyone would love to spend their time in her Watch Hill’s property. Although Taylor has kept her house details private, we are sure that coming to this oasis after a hectic day at work, away from paparazzi, indeed does wonder for mental health.

Angelina Jolie – Los Feliz, $24 Million

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Angelina Jolie is among the biggest actresses in Hollywood. When we heard her name, we surely expected nothing less than a luxurious house. We bet that looking at her estate, you will not be disappointed. Jolie’s 21-acre mansion with views across the city and ocean, the stunning Los Feliz property was built a century ago. However, recently, the classic home has undergone expensive restoration with specific attention to details and designs. You’ll be shocked to find out that it took six years to complete the renovation. But her love for old classics is evident by the fact that she kept the originality of the property.

As you will step into the gigantic $24 million mansions, you will see a breathtaking staircase and a grand foyer. Anyone on this planet would love to spend some time in her gourmet kitchen and spacious library with almost every important book on the shelf. Another salient feature of the house is the garden; we wonder if Jolie ever invites her neighbors. we have to say that Jolie’s mansion made it to the list of best celebrity mansions for all the right reasons

Courtenay Cox – Malibu, $33 Million

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When Courtenay Cox appeared in the famous Tv series ‘Friends,’ her purple room gave people inspiration for interior designs for decades. It is indeed a dream house on the list of best celebrity mansions. But it turns out that in real life, the legendary actress has a more fantastic property under her name. Her stunning beachside house in Malibu is like heaven on earth and once you have a look at it you’ll know why it made it to the best celebrity mansions list.

With breathtaking views of the deep blue ocean and all world-class facilities, who in their right mind would like to leave the place. Besides, to accommodate the guests, Courtenay also has guest cottages on her estate. You might be surprised to find out that in an interview, British singer Ed Sheeran revealed that the superstar let her live there rent-free. 

Tom Cruise – Colorado, $59 Million

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Tom Cruise’s luxurious 298 acres mansion is just a few minutes of drive away from the gorgeous town of Telluride. With scenic views, including vast forest trails, stunning rolling hills, and riding horse stables. The luxurious house features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and the house itself is built with heavy bleached timbers. It is also said that in 1994, Tom himself designed the estate, which clearly tells his passion for nature and minimalistic attitude towards living.

Considering that Tom does his own stunts in his action films like ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise, he needs to remain in perfect physical condition. For that, he has gigantic sports fields that include a hockey field, a tennis court, and a basketball court. That is impressive!

Beyonce – Bel-Air, $88 Million

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It is obvious that the world’s most powerful couple must own one of the world’s greatest and biggest mansion. It looks like that the idea is not lost to Hollywood’s super couple, as they bought a mesmerizing $88 million property in Bel-Air. Besides, the hilltop residence is the six most expensive houses sold in Los Angeles. Given Jay-Z’s passion for supercars and Beyonce’s love for fashion and style, the house also features a 15-car garage and a wellness center and spa. The interior of the house definitely reflects the cost of the mansion. 

The property is surrounded by six different types of glass walls and the living room boasts glass panels and grey carpets complemented with a blue velvet sofa set. But their rooftop pool is the highlighter of their massive state. Well, it deserves the top spot in the list of the best and most expensive celebrity mansions. 

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