Argentina Lawmaker Kisses Partner’s Breast During Parliament Session

The parliamentary session was initially interrupted, and then suspended, by the speaker Sergio Massa.

Argentina Lawmaker Kisses Partner's Breast During Parliament Session
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In a very unusual development in Argentina, a lawmaker was suspended from the parliament in Argentina on Thursday after kissing a woman’s breast during the session being held by video conference. The video went quickly viral on social media.

During the coronavirus outbreak, the parliamentary sessions in the country have been held via Zoom. While a lawmaker was addressing the parliament on a giant video screen, also showing other participants in their homes, Juan Emilio Ameri, a lawmaker from the northeastern province of Salta, could be seen kissing and fondling the breasts of his partner sitting next to her.


Then he went on to pull one breast of the woman out of her T-shirt and started kissing it. The parliament session was disturbed, and the speaker Sergio Massa then decided to suspend it.

Massa further said that since the pandemic first began, all the legislators have been teleworking, and during this time, they had seen various incidents, including where lawmakers fell asleep. “But this situation,” he said, “has overstepped the boundaries of the parliament.”

However, the confused lawmaker from Argentina apologized and stated that he did not know that he was connected to the internet at that moment. Ameri said that in the central part of the country, the internet connections are not very good. He further added that his partner came out of the bathroom, and he asked her how the implants were working for her and kissed them.

Ameri stated that she had surgery almost ten days ago. In response, he was suspended for five days from the parliament. Moreover, he also faced severe criticism and backlash on social media from the politicians and civil society across the world.

This is not the first time this lawmaker has landed himself into a controversy. Earlier in 2017, a media outlet accused him of sexually harassing a 17-years-old political activist. However, Ameri categorically denied the allegations and described the story as fabricated.

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