Many have debated the true cause of last week’s attack on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Some political analysts, however, have chosen the focus on how Maduro will frame this incident. Some believe that Maduro will now attempt to blame his political rivals for the attack in order to improve his public image.

The Venezuelan president is known for constantly targeting international foes for his country’s political and economic struggles He has claimed that the latest attacks were part of an international plot to overthrow his socialist administration. He called out both Colombian politicians and Venezuelan citizens living in Florida, claiming that they conspired to acquire the drones which were used in the attack.

Broad Front, an organization of national opposition groups, quickly criticized the Venezuelan government. They released a joint statement, saying:

It’s evident that the initial reaction of the government isn’t aimed at attempting to clarify what happened but rather to take advantage of the situation and irresponsibly and sweepingly attack the ‘opposition’.”

Others have stated that this is yet another attempt by Maduro’s administration to sweep aside more pressing issues which are plaguing Venezuela, such as economic depression, political corruption, and government control of media outlets. Maduro’s predecessor and mentor Hugo Chavez was also known for attempting to manipulate the masses.

There have been many theories regarding what happened during Maduro’s speech. Some say that the explosion was not caused by a drone, but rather a gas tank in a hotel room nearby. Others say that the explosion was controlled by the president himself, in an attempt to purposefully cause a scandal.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons