Shad Moss, a.k.a. Bow Wow, has shaken up the Twittersphere with his recent comments about race and politics.

Given that we’re in the midst of the Democratic National Convention for the 2016 election year, a lot of talk on social media platforms has been centered on politics. When asked whether he is voting for Hillary or Trump, the former rapper responded with this:

From here, he went on to explain what he has learned about politics:

Naturally, upon hearing that Bow Wow “doesn’t really care” in an age of chastising those who don’t exercise the right to vote, people took to Twitter to tell him off. “You SHOULD care, based on the fact that your ancestors died so that you could have the right to vote,” one Twitter user wrote. His response to this is what stirred the pot even more.

Claiming that you can’t relate to the sacrifices made by the black ancestors that you do have because of your alleged “mixed” heritage—only on one side—is quite a jump. The assertion is even more absurd when you consider how he’s been living as a black man for all these years; therefore, civil rights issues are definitely relative to his life.

Another user tweeted, “I love you but what does you being mixed have to do with anything?” to which he responded:

There is a slew of explanatory tweets that followed hereafter. He even took to Instagram to post a picture of his light-skin father to prove his mixed background.

“I’m not sure how a black man and a black woman don’t make a black son,” an article published by The Root said. The article also pointed out that the man in the photo has C-grade hair.

Mixed heritage aside, it’s safe to say Bow Wow missed the point through his attempt to distance himself from blackness.