E-Cigarette Company Juul Under Investigation for Marketing to Adolescents

Massachusetts is investigating e-cigarette company Juul Labs under suspicion of specifically attempting to market their products to adolescents.

Juul Labs controls over 66 percent of the e-cigarette market, and a significant portion of their sales comes from the pockets of teenagers.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey believes that Juul is marketing to teenagers so that said teens will become addicted to nicotine and will continue to purchase the company’s products.

E-cigarettes are primarily used to wane smokers off of cigarettes, but Healey argues that this is not Juul’s intention at all.

Smoking can be very harmful to teenagers’ still-developing brains and can lead to lifelong health problems.

This is not the first lawsuit to be filed against Juul; many others have sued the company due to its harmful marketing practices.

Healey has recently been meeting with high schools across the state of Massachusetts to request that they add curriculum regarding the harmful nature of e-cigarettes.

Many kids think that Juul’s products are harmless, but they are in fact just as harmful as traditional cigarettes.

Juul executives have claimed that they want to stop children from buying their product and smoking nicotine, but Healey disagrees.

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