Fur vests are taking over this winter. Whether you’re at a bar, walking your dog or shopping in Bloomingdales, these furry clothing pieces seem to be popping up everywhere. The most basic vests come in black and taupe, which are two colors that are sure to match multiple ensembles. While we can only condone faux fur, these vests are stylish and warm.

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Via Daily Chic

Pair your fur vest with a tight black long sleeved shirt, medium wash skinny jeans, and black booties for a night out at your favorite bar. Dress the vest up even more, and throw on an all black long sleeved shirt dress, opaque black tights, and (once again) black booties, and your ready for date night with your man. No matter how you wear it, this vest can accompany you on more date nights and bar crawls than you can imagine.

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Want something a little more casual? Couple your vest with some black leggings, a loose black shirt, riding boots, and your taupe furry friend for a lunch outing, or an afternoon shopping rendezvous. Wear it on a ski trip or to your grandma’s house, the options are endless. One thing is for sure this winter; no matter what the occasion, you’ll appreciate the warmth and style of your simple faux fur vest.