Five Ways to Drink All the Water You Need

Water is the key to life. This obvious fact has been proven in various ways throughout history. Water is the first beverage you think of when you wake up with a killer hangover. Water is the solution to all of SpongeBob’s problems when he’s suffocating in Sandy the squirrel’s air bubble (“Water Patrick, water!”). And finally water is the only thing you reach for after going for that healthy three—or one— mile run.

While various health centers and doctors suggest various doses of water, Mayo Clinic clears up all the confusion with an announcement that that daily water intake is sensitive from person to person. So you and your dad need different amounts of water per day (simple right?). Either way water is an important part of staying healthy, and many people don’t drink enough during the day. So how do you get your recommended daily dose of water (we’ll go with the generic 3 liters)?

 Here’s how:

1) Invest in a water bottle

Investing in a nice water bottle (filter and all) is great motivation to actually drink water throughout the day. Keep it beside you on your desk at work, or carry it in your backpack to all your classes. Bring it to the gym, and sip out of it during dinner. The mere fact that you spent hard earned cash on that water bottle will increase the likelihood of you using it.

2) Flavor your water

Slice up some lemons, cucumbers, or limes and throw them into your water bottle along with that precious water. If you are someone who doesn’t like plain water then this may make reaching your daily water intake more of a treat and less of a chore.

3) Bring your bottle with you

Wherever you go, bring your water bottle.The more places you take it, the more likely you are to continue drinking from it.

4) Order water when you’re out to eat

Whenever you go out order a glass of water. It’s free, and most people find themselves absent-mindedly drinking their water while waiting for food. Even if you want a Diet Coke, order water with it and drink up.

5) Drink water when you get up

The best time to drink water is right after you’ve gotten up in the morning because your system is clean. Chugging a glass of water first thing in the morning is the easiest way to get the hydration you need.

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