Greta Van Susteren Leaves Fox News After 14 Years

For 14 years Greta Van Susteren has hosted ‘On the Record’, one of the premiere shows on the Fox News channel. On Tuesday morning, she resigned.

Details surrounding Greta’s departure from the news network remain unclear. The news comes after a court settlement made between Gretchen Carlson and former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, where Carlson and a few other woman came forth accusing Ailes of sexual harassment during his tenure. The settlement is estimated to be around 20 million dollars.

Brit Hume, Fox’s senior political analyst and former ABC News journalist will take over as host of ‘On the Record’ as the election cycle is now on its last string.

Van Susteren began her career as an attorney practicing law at Georgetown. After she graduated from Stetson College, she began her career as legal analyst on CNN. Greta even covered the OJ Simpson Trial. In 2002 Greta joined Fox News, beginning her stint as hostess of ‘On the Record.’ During her career on Fox she was able to interview many presidential candidates and cover disasters such as the one in Haiti. She also opened an orphanage and had a school named after her.

The conversation of Greta’s departure correlates with the resignation of Roger Ailes. Van Susteren, who defended Ailes against the allegations, signed a “key man” clause like a number of Fox news personnel that if Ailes were to leave, they would also have the option to opt out without any contract disputes.

Current Co-Presidents of Fox News Bill shine and Jack Abernethy released a statement on behalf of Greta’s departure, “We are grateful for Greta’s many contributions over the years and wish her continued success.” They also added that Hume would be a great successor to Greta’s show labeling him as the ‘ideal choice to host a nightly political program.’ Since Rupert Murdoch stepped in as acting CEO in place of Ailes, he will have to find a Washington correspondent for the show given the fact that Hume is based in Florida.

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