James Harden Named in Police Report After Alleged Fight at Nightclub

Houston Rockets star shooting guard James Harden allegedly threw a woman’s phone as she attempted to videotape a brawl that broke out in a Scottsdale nightclub that involved a member of Harden’s posse.

According to the police report, the reigning NBA MVP grabbed the woman’s wrist and chucked her phone onto the roof of the club.

Harden noticed she was filming from across the club and assumed that she was recording the interaction to sell the video to TMZ, at which point the 6-time All-Star took action.

After the encounter, a member of Harden’s entourage offered the woman $200 for the phone, which she accepted, before Harden provided her with $300 more.

Despite the chaos that ensued, the woman later took it upon herself to climb on top of the roof to retrieve the phone, along with the footage that was still rolling. She later made a trip to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for the wrist injury.

A representative from the Scottsdale Police Department noted that a report of the incident was filed and that the investigation into the alleged confrontation, and that the investigation into the claims is still ongoing. However, at this point, James Harden has not been named a suspect.

Several reporters have reached out to Harden and his camp for their take on the event, but they declined to comment on the situation.

This is an interesting development for last season’s scoring champion, who seems to have gone from breaking ankles to wrists, or at least that’s how it appears in the TMZ video.


Featured Image Via Flickr/GAMEFACE-PHOTOS

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