John Beilein Underwent Successful Double Bypass Surgery

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On Tuesday, The University of Michigan Basketball Program announced that John Beilein underwent a successful double bypass procedure on the day prior. The surgery was performed by Dr. Francis D. Pagani of U-M’s Frankel Cardiovascular Center, and he expects Beilein to make a full recovery. He predicts that Coach B will be fully active for the start of the 2019 season.

Pagani released the following statement concerning the procedure performed on Beilein:

“Coach Beilein underwent a two-vessel coronary bypass graft surgery Monday morning. The procedure is designed to improve blood flow to the heart, by taking a healthy artery or vein from another part of the body and grafting it to the obstructed coronary artery. The operation went well, and we expect him to make a full recovery and be back to his usual activities within a few weeks.”

Despite the fact that he will be back to normal in a few weeks, he will have to miss the team’s upcoming road trip to Spain while he recovers. In his absence, assistant coach Saddi Washington will serve as Michigan’s interim head coach for the ten days that they will be out of the country.

“I feel grateful and blessed that this surgery was performed at the University of Michigan,” said Beilein. “Kathleen and our family appreciate all of the world-class care that was provided for us. Dr. Kim Eagle, Dr. Francis Pagani, Dr. Stanley Chetcuti and all of their staffs at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center are so talented and performed like champions over this past week. I am going to work very hard in my rehabilitation to be stronger than ever by the time practice begins for this upcoming season.”

John Beilein is one of the most respected coaches in the NCAA. He knows the X’s and O’s better than anyone, and he is in large part one of the reasons why Michigan was able to advance all the way to the National Championship Game last season.

Beilein may be recovering, but don’t expect him to lose a step next year when it comes to leading his team to victory. You can expect him to be back and dancing like this after Michigan wins in no time:


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