“Just didn’t want to be alive anymore”, says Meghan on Oprah Winfrey Show

She even had ‘methodical’ thoughts of what she could do to herself.

Oprah Winfrey wit Meghan markle
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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and a Royal Family Member, poured her heart out in the history-making interview with the iconic host, ‘Oprah Winfrey’. In a telecast that aired on March 7, 2021, on CBS, Meghan is seen discussing her struggles as a Royal and how she became suicidal at one point. She also told Oprah, that when she approached the institution for seeking mental help, the institution ignored her pleas which further worsened her relations with the Royal family. She mentioned that there was a time when was too afraid to be left alone during the mental struggle.

Harry and Meghan announced last year that they will step back from the duties of the Royal family, which created a storm in British Media. They have, since they left the UK, stayed in Canada and the U.S. and are currently in California with their son, Archie. They are now expecting a second child, and in the interview, they revealed to the world, that it’s going to be a baby girl.

Meghan Reveals on Oprah Winfrey Show there were talks of their Baby’s Color in the Royal Family

In an exclusive groundbreaking interview, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex respectively talked much about Meghan’s trauma and even about how there were talks of their kid’s color before the baby was born in the Royal family. Prince Harry refused to share the details of the conversation and said that he never wanted to discuss that. Talking about the period during her pregnancy, Meghan revealed that there were even talks of not giving security to their son, or that he’s not going to be given a title.

Royal Family

The couple discussed the horrific treatment given by the Press or British Tabloids, and also negated claims of those Tabloids which mentioned that Meghan made her sister-in-law Kate Middleton cry. Upon being asked by Oprah, Meghan mentioned that it was all fabricated and rather the reversed happened. During Princess Charlotte’s wedding, Meghan was hurt by Kate, but later, Kate had apologized.

Kate Middleton and Meghan markle

However, no one tried to stop the ill-news about her being distributed by the media and that made Meghan more insecure with the Royal family. Harry went on to compare Meghan’s situation with her mother Diana and said that he can imagine what her mother might have gone through.

Differences between Prince Harry and Prince Charles

Prince Harry and Prince Charles

Harry said that his relationship with the Queen, his grandmother was good, and it was only his father, who disappointed him. He also said that the rift between the two became too huge, that at one point his father had stopped taking his calls. Now he says that they are back to talking terms. When Oprah Winfrey asked Harry about his relationship with his brother Prince William, Harry said that he loves his brother, but they are on different paths now.

An apparently emotional Meghan, told Winfrey, in the interview that after their separation from the Royal family, and with Harry by her side, she is in a much better place. Harry also added that they did everything to be a part of the family, but he’s content to know that he tried his best.


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