Man killed by his own rooster during Illegal Cockfight in India

These cockfights are usually prevalent around Hindu festivals in the Indian villages as a cultural event.

Cockfight India
Roosters in a cockfiht in Indian Village. Image : Facebook DDNews Live

A rooster that had been fitted with a knife has killed its owner in a village in ‘Telangana’ state of India. According to reports, the bird’s owner was impaled in the groin by the rooster that had a knife attached to its feet. The rooster was trying to escape while the 45-year old owner was taking him to the cockfight.

Police are now searching for 15 more people involved in this illegal event which took place in a village of Lothunur, in Telangana District. Police Officer ‘B Jeevan’ has told the media that the victim ‘Satish’ received a severe injury in the groin from the rooster’s knife and was bleeding heavily. He died on the way to the hospital in ‘Karimnagar’ district of Telangana state due to extreme blood loss.

Rooster Fitted with knives

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The freak accident took place as a result of a cockfight which is said to be organized by 16 people, including the victim. Such cockfights, although banned by law, are prevalent in the Indian villages of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Odisha. Knives, around 7.5cm (or 3 inches) long, are fitted to the rooster’s legs, and they are made to fight with their opponent roosters in a precarious cockfight.


Cockfight Illegal in India but Widely Practised in Villages

Thousands of animals die each year following these cockfights, and such fights attract a large number of crowds in the villages. Even after animal rights groups have raised voices against such cockfights, their efforts have turned futile in saving the animals from such distress. These fights include huge bets, which are placed from both sides of the opponent roosters. Informal estimates reveal that millions are at stake for the enthusiasts of cockfights in Andhra Pradesh. Cockfighting was made illegal in India in 1960, however, it is still practiced in the southern rural areas in the country.

Cockfight Rooster in Police Custody for some time

The Killer rooster was held for a brief period at the police station before it got transferred to a poultry farm. A case has been registered against the organizers of the event on charges of manslaughter, illegal betting, and cockfight. Police Officer ‘Jeevan’ said that they may produce the rooster in court upon hearing of the case. However, this is not the first instance that a man was killed by a rooster. Only last year, a man in Andhra Pradesh was hit in the neck by a blade fitted to his rooster.


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