Netflix Down : Users Unable to Watch TV shows on App and Site

NETFLIX streaming service down
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Netflix is currently down, with many users not able to gain access to the site.

According to users of the Netflix application, the website of the streaming giant refused to come up when they tried to gain access. Although some users who complained of the problem claim, they attempted to gain access to the site through platforms such as Netflix’s app versions on smart TV’s and phones.

This problem comes at a time when many workers in the world are observing physical distancing by staying at home in order to slow down the spread of the novel Coronavirus.
Although most of the focus of Tracking Website Down Detector is on Europe, it showed slowed down problems worldwide.
The problem came approximately at 6 pm in Europe. By this time, many people in Europe are done with working and were trying to access the site.

Netflix no longer running phone customer service

On the status page of Netflix, which shows if the streaming company is aware of its site being inaccessible, it shows nothing of the problem. Instead, it displays a message explaining that the site could be slow in responding because of the Coronavirus virus outbreak. The message says, “Due to the COVID-19 crisis, thousands of our customer support agents are now having to work from home, making it harder to support your calls”. It went on to add that “we see higher than normal wait times.”



The message is an indication that Netflix’s site no longer runs phone customer service. It now only offers online support and live chat. The final part of the message says that they are sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.
The customer service of the streaming giant was able to respond to some users with the issue. However, it failed to indicate if the outage problem was general and when they plan on fixing the problem.

Reducing its video quality

Earlier, Netflix joined some streaming sites in saying that it will be reducing the streaming quality of its videos. This is an attempt to address the extra load its experiencing because of many people studying and working from home. It stated that its video quality in Europe would be reduced by decreasing usage of bandwidth by up to 25 percent.

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