Are you planning to throw a stylish party to welcome 2015? If so, keep in mind that there are décor must haves that you will need in order to kick off the new year with elegance and posh. Here are a few details that will help you throw a party that will have your guests wishing that they could stay in 2014.

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You cannot have a New Year’s Eve party without the use of black and gold. Utilize fabrics to help you incorporate this color scheme into your home. You can have a black table cloth with a shimmery gold runner, and hang white or gold curtains. Add accent pieces to your table like tall white candles, gold charger plates, or white and gold flowers, and you will have a sleek table display.


                                                                                                                            Via Pottery Barn The New Year is all about making a statement, and glitter will definitely help you shine. Unfortunately, glitter can be very messy and hard to clean up. Therefore, use it in your accent pieces. Get you DIY juices flowing and by wooden letters that spell out New Year. Using modge podge or regular Elmer’s glue spread the adhesive on the letters and sprinkle glitter on top so that every inch is covered, and you do not see any glue. Once it dries you can put more modge podge or clear nail polish on top so that less glitter will flake off. After you are all done, you will have a sparkly piece that is pretty, inexpensive, and fun.

ConfettiNYpartydecor---StyleFTThis can also be very messy, but it can be very fun as well. We would all like to keep the confetti on the table, but they can be fun favors to hand out at the end of the night! Get a little decorative bags or pouches from your favorite craft store, fill them up with you choice of confetti, and then add a lovely tag and you have yourself a joyful favor. Once the clock strikes twelve, take the confetti out and throw it into the air—or at each other for extra fun. Sparklers

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These are fun for favors as well, and will ring the New Year with joy. Allow your guests to light these outside or near a bowl of water inside and they will love feeling like kids again. Also, it will feel as if you are lighting your own personal fireworks, which will make any occasion feel special.