Obama Retreats from Immigration

President Obama has pushed back his plans of taking executive action on deportation. Consequently, the issue won’t be addressed until the 2016 Presidential race. Officials are convinced that the Hispanic vote will be more critical in 2016 than it will be in November’s midterm elections.

A solid reason for Obama’s apprehension is that hard moves on immigration could hurt Democrats in tumultuous Senate races in conservative states, which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Alaska and North Carolina. Colorado is currently the only state in which Hispanic voters make up a formidable share of the electorate. All other states are dominated by conservative, and Republicans are confronting Democrats on the immigration issue at every opportunity.

Democrats were angered by Obama’s delay to action, including Rep. Luis Guttierrez (D., Ill.). He told ABC that Obama created “pain and suffering in the community” by allowing deportations to carry on throughout the delay in action. In an NBC interview, President Obama pointed out the surge of undocumented children across the border with Mexico throughout the summer as a major cause of delay. Illegal immigrants in the U.S. skyrocketed in May and June, but tapered off in July and August.

GOP lobbyists are vehemently against amnesty for those who cross international borders illegally. If Obama sticks to his promise of executive action on immigration before the year is over, Republicans are expected to lash out and push for legislation to revert the change.


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