How to Take Pride in Your Work- Before Someone Else Does

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Taking pride in your work does not mean you will be seen as self-centered or a “know-it-all.” Instead, it is a sure-fire way to be noticed in the office for the effort you put in to reaching your goals. Don’t worry if others believe that you are constantly gunning for “employee of the month,” because in this job market, everyone is. Therefore, do not let someone else get ahead by using your ideas.

How do you flaunt you fabulous ideas without your coworkers rolling their eyes after you leave the break room? With a little help from, and personal experience, I have compiled a list of ways that show your boss that you mean business.

Realize your plans yield valuable results: Companies want to see results, so if your idea is creative yet efficient, then it is profitable. Check all the possible outcomes—the good and the bad, therefore, you can cover all your bases before you present your plan to your boss (or before an employee can point out the flaws for you).

Do not share your ideas before they are written down on paper: Avoid bragging about your wonderful ideas before you are guaranteed a chance to have them carried out. Do not give someone else the opportunity to steal sound bites!

Remain organized and keep track of dates: Write down your ideas and thoughts on paper, while dating them at the same time. This way, if someone does happen to steal your idea, you have evidence to prove they were yours to begin with. As a bonus, your boss will be impressed with the amount of thought you put in to making sure the job is done to the best of your capabilities.

Don’t interrupt your boss during a staff meeting to share your ideas: Once your plan is full-proof, making you excited to share with the head of your department, pull them aside to explain at a time that is convenient for all. This way, you do not risk getting publicly rejected and you have time to really talk.

Evaluate the situation in order to decide whether or not your ideas were in fact stolen: If you believe your idea has in fact been stolen, evaluate whether or not the situation is “low key” or “a big deal.” Then, approach it accordingly as suggests. A “Low key [situation], [can be] leaving your name off a group project” or “a big deal like using your presentation and changing your name to theirs.” In low key scenarios, make sure you talk to your co-worker immediately and agree that it will not happen again. In “big deal” cases, talk to you manager immediately and make sure you have the evidence (like notes, and the actual document) to prove work theft.

Although situations where a co-worker has taken credit for your work can get heated, try to remain calm when confronting all parties involved. By remaining calm, you not only show how cool you can stay under pressure, but you show those in higher places how hard you work and the passion you have to help the company thrive. Remaining confident in your work will make you stand out amongst others who are competing for a chance to move up in their career. It will also show that you will not stand for unethical behavior in the work place, a trait that is very admirable.


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