Tesla closes its forums to launch a social platform

The launch of the Tesla engagement platform by Tesla hasn’t gotten good feedback from the customers, however, not everyone is a critic.





Tesla introduces a social platform

Tesla has shut down its forums section present on its website and launched a new social platform, known as the Tesla Engagement Platform, however, the majority of the fans aren’t happy with this decision.

This new site of the company (https://www.tesla.com/) is quite helpful as it invites the fans and owners to engage with each other. They can also comment on the campaigns and posts of Tesla which run the gamut. These include calls that support the company’s disaster relief efforts in Texas to encourage a bill that allow the sales of Teslas in different districts.

In the reply to March 2 Tesla forum post, one commenter stated that the forums were closing because the company couldn’t hire full-time moderators to keep with spam and trolls. These trolls are going to go on Twitter now because the Tesla engagement platform will be moderated.

Although the introduction of the social platform is an innovative step, Tesla has been quite active in the past too. The company recently launched its Cybertruck in China (https://rushhourdaily.com/tesla-has-started-reservations-for-its-cybertruck-in-china/).

Tesla introduces Cybertruck

The first post on the company’s site states, “Engage Tesla is a relatively newer social platform for Tesla Owner’s Clubs and the company’s public policy team. The main agenda here is to create a digital home for our work. It will help the Tesla community to stay in the loop and take some solid action. We hope you will join in.”

The comments section reveals several customers who are quite unhappy with the decision. One of the commenters stated, “You shouldn’t get rid of the forums. This isn’t a replacement by any means. The forums have started discussions to help the owners with discussions.”

Tesla states that it doesn’t consider the new platform as a replacement. Rather, it is like a blog with industry news. It is an effort to gather the work done by its supporters.

However, not everyone is criticizing this new platform. Moreover, these are still early days for the engagement platform. Let’s wait and see how fruitful these new changes turn out to be.


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