The Best Pixar Movies: A Child’s Perspective (Including The Incredibles 2)

With the release of The Incredibles 2, critics and fans everywhere have updated their lists/ranks for the best Pixar movies. However, I bet not many critics can say they have remained a child since the beginning of Pixar.

I was born in the same year as the second Pixar film, A Bug’s Life which premiered in 1998. I’m 20 now (and wow there’s 20 Pixar movies now) and you can disagree and say that I’m not a child. But I’m sure if you would ask my parents, then they would say I’m still a child. Sadly, not for much longer. Adulthood is terrifying. I’m not even a teenager anymore (the chills).

One of the great things about Pixar movies is they tend to be relatable for adults as well. They’re made for children but they can really connect with people of all ages. While I’m still young though, I thought it would be fun to give a child’s perspective about what are the best Pixar movies. After all, children disagree with adults all the time.

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Pixar Movies I Haven’t Seen

Cars 3, The Good Dinosaur

Okay, I admit it. I haven’t seen every Pixar movie and I might not be the truest Pixar fan. However, from what I hear, these movies were alright Pixar movies. I’m sure no one has neither of these movies in their top ten Pixar movie lists. I might watch these movies one day if I ever get tired of watching the better Pixar movies.

Pixar Movies I’ll Never Watch Again

Cars 2

Do I really need to explain myself? This movie wasn’t fun for kids or adults, but as a child, it is always slightly satisfying seeing cars race each other.


The “I Liked It” Pixar Movies

Cars, Brave, Monsters University, A Bug’s Life

As a child, Cars is a fun movie with a great concept. It’s set in a world where cars are alive. Also, Lightning’s comeback storyline is cool but there are just way better Pixar movies.

Brave is awesome. It’s also the first and one of the only Pixar movies where the main character is a girl. Meredith has a great arc and becomes a Disney princess. However, I might only watch this movie again just because she is a Disney princess.

Monsters University is a good time. I haven’t seen it since I’ve been in college. I wonder if I would like it more if I did. It just didn’t live up to the original Monsters, Inc which is something I watched almost every day on DVD as a child.

I wished I liked A Bug’s Life a little bit more, especially considering it was made in the same year I was born. I also don’t really remember A Bug’s Life too much. That ending fight is awesome though. When I was a young toddler, of course, a bug movie was cool. Ultimately, A Bug’s Life got overshadowed by the other Pixar movies that came out after it. Also the 1998 DreamWorks insect movie Antz is a dagger to A Bug’s Life.

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“Great but Not My Top Ten” Pixar Movies

Finding Dory, Up, WALL-E

First, all these movies are emotionally in-depth but there are just Pixar movies that connected with me more.

Watching Dory deal with memory loss is just tragic and those trails of rocks her parents made for her. Heartbreaking! But Finding Nemo is just better and more fun. That movie is an expansive trip across the ocean. There’s more adventure, but I agree the emotional stakes are definitely near equal.

I know it might be controversial that I don’t think Up is one of the best Pixar movies. It’s one of the two animated movies to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Don’t forget it was nominated in 2009 when the Academy increased the nominations for Best Picture. Maybe a Pixar movie before 2009 would have also been nominated.

That opening scene is also life-crushing as well. However, as a child, I did not realize everything that scene was revealing. Also, the main character is an old man who really lost everything. As a child when I first saw that movie, Carl was not someone I could follow.

I do like though how he gets his youth and imagination back. It’s a great story. Maybe if I watched it again, I would appreciate it move. Doug is awesome though and the ending is fun. Carl is grumpy the whole movie. The other characters around him make it fun for children.

I love WALL-E. He’s like an imaginary friend. He almost never talks about. And Eve though. Their love is real. Also, the WALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-E moment is awesome. As a child, a character who is mostly silent the whole movie isn’t too exciting. Still entertaining though!

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“Great with a 50% chance of Tears” Pixar Movies

  1. Ratatouille

Maybe Ratatouille might not make you cry. It has a great lesson that I thought was really meaningful for me when I saw it in 2007. You can accomplish your dreams no matter who you are and rats can be gooks. Ratatouille is also a very watchable movie. I watched it almost daily when I first got it on DVD. “Anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great.”

  1. The Incredibles 2

I’ve just seen this movie and it might be too soon to rank it. It was fun but doesn’t have enough of that emotional juice that I enjoy in my favorite Pixar movies. I love Jack-Jack though and his family plus Frozone and Edna Mode. These characters are probably some of the best Pixar characters. They’re definitely the best family. You definitely see this movie if you haven’t.

  1. Toy Story 2

According to Rotten Tomatoes, this is the best Pixar movie. I disagree because for one it’s my least favorite Toy Story movie. I know this movie’s plot but it just doesn’t resonate. I love Jessie’s storyline though. Al’s Toy Barn is awesome and has some great moments. It’s a really great movie but it just isn’t top five for me.

  1. Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Don’t ever give up, basically. This is a great movie. It didn’t make me cry as a child when I first saw it but I’ve never been a tearful child. Finding Nemo is a heartfelt, adventurous tale. It’s great for children because it’s about growing up and dealing with your parents. Nemo is very relatable and I’m not prepared for the day when I start to relate to Marlin as much as I do with Nemo.

  1. Monsters, Inc

Isn’t it weird how children can love but be scared of monsters at the same time? Well, Monsters, Inc portrays this masterfully but in the perspective of monsters. Monsters were awesome when this movie came out in 2001 and they still are.

This movie is so imaginative, very emotional and complex. Monsters have to scare kids to get power for their world. It makes so much sense and the farewell/reunion at the end reminds me I have a heart every time I see it.

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“These Will Change Your Life” Pixar Movies

  1. Toy Story

The first Pixar movie and the only one older than me. Toy Story is a classic. It’s just so much imagination in this film. Don’t forget, children love toys. The fortunate ones get to have toys and make great use of them. Also, children can see themselves in Andy (who takes care of his toys) and Sid (who tortures his toys). He didn’t know they were alive but it’s still messed up.

If you have ever played with a toy or wished it was alive, then you probably understand why this is one of my favorite Pixar movies. Honestly, when I saw this movie as a child, it made me believe my toys could be alive. Now that’s powerful

  1. Coco

Coco is a cultural phenomenon. I love how it teaches about another culture and shows respect for that culture. It also deals with death and the idea that some people/most people are forgotten ever. I was prepared for the sadness but this movie had some pretty good twists. Also, that moment in the end when Miguel is singing to Coco, “Remember Me!” The emotions are too real.

Plus, children definitely relate with Miguel who rebels against his family and wants to follow his own dreams. I will always remember this Pixar movie.

  1. The Incredibles

Out of my top five is probably the least likely to make you cry. However, it’s still just as fun as the other fun movies. It’s also really relevant today with superhero movies being released almost every month. It’s also one of the most action-packed Pixar movies and it’s about family.

I’ve re-watched this movie countless times. Also, what child doesn’t love superpowers or wish that they had superpowers? This truth also makes Syndrome very relatable and one of the best Pixar villains. This movie is incredible.

  1. Toy Story 3

Now this movie is about growing up. Andy is going to college. I wasn’t even in high school when this movie came out but as a child, it made me treasure my youth. If I start to mention the great moments from this movie, I’m going to go on a rant.

To resist, I will only mention the ending. When Andy and Woody say goodbye to each other, speechless! “You’ve got a friend in me!” And now Pixar wants to make a sequel to this movie. How dare they! (I’m still excited though)

  1. Inside Out

Remember when I said I didn’t cry that much as a child. Well, this movie made me cry uncontrollably as I watched it for the first time (I forgot to mention I was 17 years old). Everyone should be okay with everyone crying. This movie is very emotional (no pun intended; it’s just the best and easiest way to describe this movie). Sometimes you need sadness for joy to happen. It’s such a great lesson for children.

Also, this movie literally has a place called Imagination Land. Inside Out is a creative film. Also, Bing Bong has given me one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life. For children, it’s fun to see how Riley’s emotions affect her and it’s very sad to see her life fall apart.

Inside Out is my favorite movie. And that’s the thing about Pixar. This company is so creative and most of their movies are so great, that most people have different favorite Pixar movies. There’s not one movie that’s obviously the best. Ranking these movies are just for fun.

Pixar movies have shaped my whole existence. When I do become an adult, I know I will still have the heart and imagination of a child thanks to Pixar.


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