The Best Skincare Routine and Products for 2023



Skincare products for 2023

Have you ever seen someone whose skin is literally glowing? Do you want to start 2023 with the best skincare routine to give you perfect skin? With new skincare routines and products being created on a daily basis, this has never been easier. It can also be overwhelming, but with guidance from experts you are guaranteed to achieve your skincare goals.

The first and most important step is to understand your skin type. Visiting a dermatologist is a great help. From there, knowing which skincare routines and products to follow will be a breeze. Below you will find a range of tips and products, recommended by board-certified dermatologists, to kick off your skincare journey in 2023.

Wash Your Face Daily

Washing your face is the simplest first step for your skincare routine in 2023. To begin, remove your makeup. You need to wash your face with lukewarm water, scrubbing gently. Otherwise, you may break the skin’s protective barrier, says Dermatologist Dr. Ashley Magovern.

Afterwards, you should apply the right cleanser for your skin type, and rub it in. Lastly, dab your face with a towel. Do not dry it completely. This will keep your skin moisturized. Dermatologist Dr. Karen Kagha recommends CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser for oily, acne-prone skin. Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe advises La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for dry, sensitive skin.

Cleanser product
Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser

Always Use A Hydrating Face Mask

Using hydrating face masks will greatly benefit your skin, so they should be key in your perfect skincare routine for 2023. Face masks are easy to wear and you can leave them on your face whilst you enjoy your movie, storybook, or bath. You can wear them for as long as you want. They are advantageous because they retain moisture and leave your skin hydrated.

Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian M.D. recommends face masks that contain hyaluronic acid, squalane, or ceramides, cosmetic face masks for your skin. However, there are plenty of other natural or homemade face masks too. For instance, honey, lemon, or avocado. You can also buy reusable face masks which will save you money on skincare products.

Ahava Hyaluronic Acid Leave On Mask

Apply Serum And Massage Your Face

Adding serums to your skincare routine in 2023 will inevitably provide the perfect skin you’re looking for. You can’t afford to skip this skincare routine step. Serums are great sources of Vitamin C. Dr. Magovern says “all human beings need Vitamin C”. It regresses damage to the skin caused by sun rays and pollution.

Also, serums are antioxidants for your skin and contain products that exfoliate your skin. Thus, making it look healthier. It’s a simple skincare routine step, apply serum and massage your face. This depuffs and improves circulation. Some serums work best in the morning and others at night. This is important to note when purchasing.

TruSkin Vitamin C Serum

Layer Your Eyes With Eye Cream

Eye cream should be crucial to your skincare routine in 2023. It is specifically for the eye area’s thin and delicate skin. No need to bring dark circles, wrinkles, bags, and puffiness into 2023. Eye cream should be applied before face moisturizer, as it’s lighter and thinner. For the best outcome, refrigerate it and use a metal roller-ball applicator.

Which eye cream should you go for? Dr. King says that most experts agree on this one. Revision Skincare D.E.J Eye Cream is your best option. However, for a budget-friendly choice, Dr. King recommends Pond’s Rejuveness Lifting & Brightening Eye Cream.

Eye Cream skincare product
Pond’s Rejuveness Lifting & Brightening Eye Cream

Use Spot Treatment On Your Skin Breakout

Is there anything more infuriating than a stubborn pimple? According to Dermatologist Dr. Michele Green M.D., acne affects millions each year. It is one of the most common skin conditions. Incorporating this simple step into your perfect skincare routine is vital to beat the breakout in 2023.

To keep the skin calm and hydrated, Dr. Bowe recommends Farmacy’s Honey Halo or Avène Cleanance Concentrate. To apply, dab a thin layer over the spot and let it dry for over a minute. You should moisturize around these areas, then seal the treatment by dabbing a layer of moisturizer on top. You should treat spots before moisturizing so there are fewer layers to penetrate.

Spot treatment product
Spot treatment

Moisturize Your Face and Lips

You cannot afford to miss out on using moisturizer for the perfect skincare routine in 2023. Moisturizer will hydrate any skin type, and lock in the layers you’ve already applied. This makes each product more effective, says Dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss. Your moisturizer in the morning should have at least SPF 30. Make sure you moisturize down to your neck.

Before applying makeup, let your skin absorb the moisturizer for five to ten minutes. At night, a thicker cream is ideal. Dr. Kagha uses Alastin Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer for oily skin. Dr. Bowe advises Bowe Glowe Microbiome Nourishing Cream on dry skin. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with chapstick!

Alastin Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer
Bowe Glowe Microbiome Nourishing Cream
$49 AT DWB

Apply Sunscreen

Experts agree that sunscreen’s an essential finish to your skincare routine. This is to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. These cause skin cancer and premature aging, says Dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara MD. On oily skin, Dr. Kagha uses EltaMD UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44. Dr. Bowe recommends Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics Sunscreen for dry skin.

Sunscreen product for skincare
Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics Sunscreen

Final Thoughts

Starting 2023 with a proper skincare routine is perfect for practicing self-care. Skincare allows you to focus on yourself so take time to understand it. Healthy skin is key to confidence. Glowing skin should not cost the earth. However, if you’re committed and have the budget, the top products are worth it. In the future, you will be grateful. These steps show how simple your skincare routine and products can be. Self-love and discipline are crucial. Don’t expect dramatic change overnight. Skincare is a journey.


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