My favorite Game of Thrones episode is “The Door,” but even I can admit that “The Winds of Winter” is overall the best Game of Thrones episode.

Like “The Door,” every minute of “The Winds of Winter” is pretty entertaining. However, it can be argued that “The Door” doesn’t contain huge character development moments, while “The Winds of Winter” does.

This episode shows Cersei becoming the first woman ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, and Jon Snow being appointed the King in the North. It’s also revealed that Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard. Instead, it is revealed that he is the son of Ned’s sister Lyanna, who was pregnant with Rhaegar Targaryen’s baby (R + L = J confirmed).

Jon also banishes Melisandre once he learns that she burned Shireen at the stake. And of course, this episode ends with Daenerys finally sailing to Westeros.

With Hodor’s sacrifice, “The Door” has one of the saddest death scenes in the show’s bloody history. (HOLD THE DOOR, HODOR!)

Meanwhile, it seems as though a character dies in every scene of “The Winds of Winter.” Many are killed in Cersei’s wildfire scheme: Margaery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, Grand Maester Pycelle, Lancel, Kevan Lannister– and of course, many unnamed citizens.

This fire also leads to the suicide of Tommen, and Cersei orders his ashes be buried in the building that she just burned down. Cersei also gets revenge on Septa Unella.

These deaths were all shocking, but the most shocking and pleasing death of this episode was the murder of Walder Frey. Arya kills his sons and bakes their remains into a pie which Walder eats. She tells him what he’s eating and who she is, and then she slits his throat.

This moment was such a shock because it seemed as though Arya’s storyline for this season was concluded in episode eight.

“The Door” is a fun and impactful episode that I will always enjoy, but “The Winds of Winter” is the best Game of Thrones episode. Despite its lack of action, the episode contains everything else that makes this series great.

However, I hope there’s an episode in season eight will blow away “The Winds of Winter.”


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