Having a kid is an emotional roller coaster. From seeing that positive pregnancy test to baby shopping to holding the baby for the first time. It’s all improvisation, no matter how much planning is done. But traveling with a toddler takes all the preparation possible. Going on vacations before kids may be spontaneous but taking them out of the house is almost like packing the whole house into a confined space. 


Here’s five tips on traveling with a toddler when going on vacation:

1. Pack extra clothes.

Whether it’s dirty diapers, a juice spill, or quite possibly the worst thing—throw up, an extra pair of clothes (or more) is an absolute necessity. Being stuck in a car or plane with a messy or stinky child, especially in public transportation, is not a pretty picture.

2. Make sure you have lots of distractions.

It’s fairly impossible for a little kid to sit still, let alone sit in one place for hours. Traveling in a car can be quite a task. Make sure to have toys, books, music, or whatever will keep a kid distracted from the fact that he/she is stuck in a seat. Traveling in a plane can be a little easier as the kid can walk around the isles if he/she is too restless. 

3. Bring snacks.

Being hungry can bring out the bad side in anyone, but toddlers are a whole other monster. Snacks are just as important as any distraction, possibly more. Having to stop at a rest stop or asking a flight attendant for a snack can be annoying and take away the fun of a vacation. Bringing food on the go can be the most efficient way to go.

4. Take a first aid kit.

Kids look to their parents when they get hurt or are in pain. Taking a mini first-aid kit would be helpful. Make sure to have fever medicine, as well as antihistamines just in case something unexpected happens. Trying to find a pharmacy while on the road or having nothing while in the air could be catastrophic. 

5. Travel at night. 

This would be the smartest thing to do when traveling with a toddler. To avoid all cries, hunger issues, boredom, and crankiness all around, what better to do than travel during bedtime. Most kids will fall asleep whenever and wherever they want. The rocking of a car or plane can be a great assist. 

Traveling with a toddler isn’t ideal but there are ways to make it easier. Trying these tips is a great place to start!