Trump refuses to commit to accepting November election results

US president attacked Democratic challenger Joe Biden who has gained a substantial lead according to polls.

US President Donald Trump refused to publicly accept the results of the upcoming November Presidential election on Sunday, while also refusing to say that the confederate flag was an offensive symbol.

While talking to a local news channel, Trump said that it was too early to make such an ironclad statement, echoing the similar threats before the 2016 election and scoffing at recent polls showing lagging behind his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign officials responded to the comments made by Trump and said that the American people would elect their new leader. It further said that the US government is capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.


Political experts considered this remarkable that a sitting President has no confidence in the country’s democratic electoral system. His remarks follow the playbook of four years ago when in the closing stages of his race against Hillary Clinton he said he would not accept the election results if the Democrat candidate won.

In October 2016, during a debate about whether he would commit by the voters’ will, he responded he would ‘’keep you in suspense’’. During his interview with Fox News host, Trump also refused to acknowledge that the confederate battle emblem, which has become to represent slavery of many Americans and represent racial oppression, was an offensive symbol.

Over an amendment to remove the names of the key confederate generals from military bases within a year, Trump has promised to veto the annual National Defense Authorization Act. He maintained that these bases won world wars and added ‘’I’m not gonna go changing’’.

Despite severe criticism of his administration for its handling of the pandemic outbreak, he defended the response. Meanwhile, the US remains the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, it has a leading number of cases and deaths. In many states that tried to reopen the economic activity, recorded a renewed surge in new infections.

The President said that the United States is the envy of the world, while also repeating his strong opposition to any national mandate on wearing facemasks. Trump said that he wants people to have certain freedoms.

Trump also assailed Joe Biden as not competent enough to lead the US, as the weekend polls showed deepening voter disenchantment with his administration’s handling of the coronavirus.

He made several highly speculative accusations that the former vice president Biden would defund the police and triple your taxes. Trump also dismissed polling results showing Biden’s lead as ‘’fake’’, citing that the White House survey shows him winning both in key swing states and nationally.

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