Trump Supporters Morning Protests Turn Into violent Clashes

Trump himself had given a nod to the gathering Saturday morning by dispatching his motorcade through streets lined with supporters before rolling on to his Virginia golf club.

Trump Supporters Morning Protests Turn Into violent Clashes
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Thousands of Trump supporters took to streets on Saturday in Washington and protested the presidential election result and then hailed the incumbent’s passing motorcade before the nighttime clashes that evolved into fistfights, with reports of at least 20 police arrests and one stabbing.

Meanwhile, numerous other cities across the US saw hundreds of Trump supporters unwilling to accept the victory of Democratic Joe Biden, who has received an overwhelming vote in the November elections. Additionally, he has now more than needed 270 electoral votes as Biden’s projected win in Georgia has cemented his win. Even though Trump has repeatedly refused to concede to victory, Biden vowed to push ahead with his transition plan.


Despite the lack of credible evidence and the Republican’s legal team to establish a case in states, Trump supporters chanted “Count Every Vote” and “Stop the Steal.” But when the sun went down, the mood of the protesters shifted dramatically from tense to violent. Several video clips posted on social media showed projectiles and fistfights as Trump supporters clashed with the group, demanding they take their banners and leave the area.

However, the unrest and the tension in Washington extended to Sunday morning. According to the local media reports, police filed a variety of charges, including weapons possession and assault, on the people who were arrested. Additionally, the police authorities stated that they recovered several firearms, and two of their officers were also injured during the clashes.

Meanwhile, Trump spent the last two days golfing, and before rolling onto his Virginia golf club on Saturday, he had given a nod to the Saturday’s gathering by dispatching his motorcade through streets lined with hundreds of Republican supporters.

A broad coalition of the industry officials and top government said that the November 3 voting and the following ballot unfolded smoothly with no more than usual and normal hiccups. They further added that these were the most secure presidential election in American history, repudiating the incumbent’s efforts to undermine the integrity of the electoral process.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Lansing, Michigan, at the Capitol to hear several speakers casting doubt on Biden’s victory in the state. Meanwhile, police authorities in Phoenix stated that there were more than 1,500 people outside the Arizona capital to protest the President-elect’s narrow win in the state. Moreover, in Florida, hundreds of Trump followers gathered in Delray Beach, with protesters carrying signs reading, “we are living under a Marxist government” and “count every vote.” Demonstrators in Oregon and Salem gathered at the Capitol.

In Washington, some newly elected Republicans from Georgia, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, were among the speakers. They urged the people to march peacefully towards Supreme Court and expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory. Many right-wing groups participated in the protests, including Proud Boys, a well-known neo-fascist group, which is known for street brawls and fights.

But when it comes to the Trump administration’s aim that was to overturn Biden’s victory in key states. It now seems to fail in doing so perhaps, because the allegations leveled by him and his legal team are typical in every election, including errors in signatures, envelope secrecy, and reservation on mail-in ballots. Political experts suggest that with Biden further cementing his victory, none of these accusations will have any impact on the outcome of the presidential election.

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