What Does it Take to Make the Most Extraordinary Electric Car?

The electric car is our future! All the World needs are smart commutation solutions for everyday use. With competition pumping up, let’s see what makes the best electric car today!

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The World is moving towards an advancing age of science. Our means of commutations are also witnessing these rapid advancements like an electric car, self-driven car, etc. With constant innovation, technology has evolved into a phase where once seems impossible things in the past are now possible. One such possibility is in the shape of revolutionizing our commutation by using electric cars.

Why an Electric Car?

The concept of an electric car is not new. It has evolved continuously with traditional fossil fuel-based cars. You would be amazed to know that the first concept of the electric car dates back to the early 1800s.  It is just that current advancements in technology have convinced the masses that this technology could drive our future. With the constant rise in global warming, fuel-driven cars are not considered safe for the environment anymore!

Ever since the World has turned into a global village, there is an increase in the number of people who travel via different modes. This commutation uprise put a toll on the overall environmental health. Our air is getting polluted with emissions, in the US alone, vehicles using conventional fuels are producing one-fifth of all US emissions. All the environmental protection agencies are highlighting the need to reduce the emission levels to protect the environment. These developments have caused an increasing demand for alternate commutation sources, less on emissions, to be adopted. Many countries are taking the lead in promoting efficient ways of daily commutation to play their part in reducing global warming.

Today, there are numerous options for an electric car ranging from Hybrid electric to all-electric powered vehicles. Almost every major automaker has introduced its own version of these cars. These cars are not any less in performance when comparing with their traditional counterparts. You can find all the luxurious interior, 0 to 60 mph in 4.5-sec speed thrill, and long-range with absolutely no or less exhaust emission. With all the technological advancements, the basic infrastructure of an electric car is pretty simple. Let’s check out what are the main components of an electric car.

Main Components of an Electric Car

Electric Car

An electric car would widely depend on two main components that many of the automakers seem to be competing on.One of them is the battery which serves as a power storage device for the car. Now, what would an electric appliance be, if it did not get its source from electricity right? Similarly, in an EV, the battery stores the energy inside it and provides it to the motor for the propulsion of the vehicle. During the early days of electric vehicles, battery technology was not well advanced enough to provide longer ranges. Now you will find models that can easily provide you around 200-300 miles range on a single charge. Just plug your vehicle overnight and you are ready to take the long run! With governments promoting the idea of environmental-friendly vehicles, public charging stations are increasing day by day, so no need to worry about getting down in the middle of the road.

Another main component of an electric car is the motor which provides the force to the vehicle to move.  This is the very component that adds the torque and speed thrill to the vehicle. Automakers are spending heavily to come up with the most advanced technology to satisfy the craving for speed. There are electric vehicles that can hit 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds (I hope you are not missing your gas-guzzling car). With that said, you are now smart enough to know what to look for when you decide to buy an electric car for yourself!

The BIG Question?

Nevertheless, the question remains the same; what does it take to make the best electric car? The answer is simple! whichever provides you value for money.


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