10 Famous Buildings in Kampala, Uganda

The Pearl of Africa Hotel, Kampala, Uganda
The Pearl of Africa. Safari Images

Uganda, with her contemporary lifestyle, has one of the many commercial cities in EastAfrica, Kampala. After decades of war and turmoil, Uganda finally celebrates a period of stability. At the moment, the country obviously has no misery and is now a stable nation that can display its rich heritage and scenic beauty. Many of the places are indeed a privilege to visit.

The Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs, Uganda
The cemetery for the Kings of Buganda. Safari Images

The Kasubi Tombs is a cemetery on the Kasubi hill in Kampala for the kabakas (kings of Buganda). UNESCO in 2001 designated these tombs a World Heritage Site. Sadly, a huge fire damaged the tombs on March 16, 2010. The people’s grief showed that the tombs are a sign of the cultural, political, and social structure of the people of Buganda (the biggest subnational monarchy in modern-day Uganda). It is clear, tourists still frequently visit the site after its renovation.

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

The Martyrs Shrine, Namugongo, Uganda
Namugongo Martyrs Shrine. Twitter Images

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine is located in the Wakiso district, near to Kampala. The elegant design of the shrine has 22 copper pillars across a length of 100 feet. The government and the church evidently built the sanctuary to commemorate 32 young men who were King Mwanga II of Buganda page boys, also known as men in waiting. On June 3, 1886, Kabaka Mwanga ordered the burning of these men for refusing to give up Christianity. On the anniversary of their deaths, thousands of Christians from all over the world assemble to celebrate the lives and theological convictions of the martyrs. For instance, on 3 June 2015, Martyrs Day, the shrine registered a total of two million attendees.

The Bahá’í Temple

Bahai Temple in Uganda
The Bahá’í Temple, Kampala-Kyebando

In 1951, the Bahá’í religion started rooting in Uganda. The only temple left for the Bahá’í faith in Africa today is the Bahá’í Temple in Kampala. It has undoubtedly attracted hundreds of tourists from all over the world after they established it in 1961. The breathtaking area attracts many photo-shooters. Nevertheless, the temple authorities don’t allow tourists to take pictures of the interior. Build memories at the unforgettable Bahá’í Temple in Uganda. If you want to know more about the traditions of the faith, visit the local congregational services at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday.

The Pearl of Africa Hotel, Kampala

The Pearl of Africa Hotel in Uganda
The Pearl of Africa, Kampala-Uganda. Safari Images

The Pearl of Africa, formerly the Hilton Hotel, is a historic attraction on one of the first Seven Hills in Kampala. The Elite’s trendsetting million-dollar phenomenon unquestionably provides regional, state, local and foreign hospitality to its visitors. Providing a spectacular view of the region over a 5,7-hectare property, this luxurious 20-story hotel has 295 luxury rooms and suites (253 rooms and 42 suites).

Gaddafi Mosque

Gaddafi Mosque in Uganda
Gaddafi Mosque. Safari Images

Old Kampala Hill is equally a mixture of a few rich residential and business places, as several Indians (whom President Idi Amin expelled in 1972) are returning. Besides their return, the Indians are also managing mini-business operations in restaurants, stores, and cafés. The hill is dominated by one of the largest mosques, named after Colonel Gaddafi. It is officially known as Gaddafi Mosque. This is primarily due to its tall tower and the Muslim religion. It is one of the most popular tourist sights in the region.

Gadaffi Mosque
Gaddafi Mosque. Safari Images

Kampala Serena Hotel

Kampala Serena Hotel, Uganda
The Kampala Serena Hotel, Uganda.Safari Images

Cool, lush, and peaceful in the heart of Kampala, an epicenter of the cultural, global, business, social, and political life, Kampala Serena Hotel offers an ideal venue. Serving 17 acres of perfectly designed water parks, the hotel particularly draws 5-star guests to Kampala, checking out 5-star amenities in addition to luxurious lodging, fine dining cuisine, and exceptional conference space. Hotel Kampala Serena is the magnificent affiliate of one of The Leading Hotels of the World.


Serena Hotel
Kampala Serena Hotel

This hotel has 186 guest rooms, comprising 14 spacious suites spanning from the exclusive, easily accessible-plan, Executive Suites to a magnificently furnished Royal Suite, which are undeniably incredible for relaxation. Visit a lovely, tropically designed swimming pool tucked between rugged terraces, wooden bridges, and a waterfall. Owing to its relaxation charm the tourists who come to Uganda seek the hotel’s fine dining cuisine in the dazzling cafeteria of Pearl of Africa, or lounge in the champagne bar with friends or coworkers. Besides the treatment at the Maisha Spa and Health Club, they have the Moroccan Palace, Scandinavian saunas, and Turkish steam baths. Moreover, the swim and fitness center is the latest in culture.

Serena Hotel
A broader view of the Kampala Serena Hotel. Safari Images

Rubaga Cathedral

inside Rubaga Cathedral
Inside Rubaga Cathedral. Safari Images

The Cathedral of Rubaga is named after a prominent hill, the Hill of Lubaga. This is neighboring Mengo and creates a triangle in which political and theological Uganda have encompassed Namirembe. The seafloor sits at 4,134 feet. In the beginning, the seat of the Buganda Kingdom was at Lubaga, but lightning hit the palace during the reign of Kabaka Muteesa 1, which compelled him to move to Mengo. The Kings provided various locations to the missionaries when they came to Buganda, to prevent disputes among their adherents.

Rubaga Cathedral, Uganda
The Catholic Faith, Rubaga Cathedral on Lubaga Hill

The first missionaries that came to Buganda were French, Pierre Simeon, Lourdel Monpel, and Brother Amans, whom the Buganda kings assigned to land. They gave the Catholics Lubaga Hill, whereas the Anglicans, Namirembe Hill. The Catholic Church, Rubaga Cathedral, is located on Lubaga Hill. Also, the cardinal’s house is adjacent to the cathedral, and Lubaga hospital is on the other side. Underneath the hill of the aged and disabled persons, lay the remains of the first Black Archbishop, Joseph Kiwanuka, and Emmanuel Nsubuga, the first Cardinal of the nation. The Paul VI Memorial Hall, beside the Kabaka’s Lake, is farther to the site. The hill of Lubaga is famous for its strong Catholic faith.

All Saint Mary's Rubaga Cathedral
The Catholic Church, Rubaga Cathedral

Makerere University

The government consequently built this university in 1922, and it was the first University in EastAfrica. At the moment, it ranks the 5th in the continent of Africa. The Mount of Makerere is also known as the “fountain of knowledge” or the “hill of the learned.” The justification is, this is the first public university. At 4,188 feet above sea level, the hill rises high. Legend has it that this hill was formerly known as Bwaise. One day, the King of Buganda remained with a lady and neglected to go home to the palace in Mengo, underneath the cover of night. When he remembered it was morning and was still at his concubine’s place, he claimed “Ganno Makerere,” meaning it had dawned without his notice. The hill was renamed Makerere from that day on.

Makerere University
One of the Best Unversity in East Africa, Makerere University

The university comprises institutions, including Makerere College and other primary schools. The Wandegeya shopping center is located at the base of the slope, a location that never rests. Ever full of the energetic young university students who celebrate their lives, particularly during their school semesters, in the wee hours of the night with drinking and partying.

Namirembe Cathedral

The oldest cathedral in Uganda is Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe, generally, the Namirembe Cathedral. The Diocesan Cathedral of the Diocese of Namirembe, established in 1890, is the first diocese of the Church of Uganda. The Cathedral was the Church of Uganda’s Regional Cathedral, an Anglican Fellowship, between 1919 and 1967. The Church of Uganda’s headquarters moved to the All Saints Church in Nakasero in the 60s and then relocated back to Namirembe.

Namirembe Cathedral, Church of Uganda
The Protestant/Anglican Church-Namirembe Cathedral. Safari Images

Since Bishop Alfred Tucker founded the offices of the Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa in 1890, Namirembe Hill has been the largest Anglican place of worship in Buganda. The bones of Bishop Hannington, assassinated in 1885, are inside the shrine. The cathedral appears impressive from the inside to the outside with the latest redesign.

Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Lodge
Chobe Safari Lodge. Safari Images

This Five Star lodge is the jewel in Ugandan’s crown of tourism attractions located in the Murchison Falls National Park. Along with the sounds of the incredible speeds of the Nile River, the spectacular sights build the atmosphere where the experience amazes only tourists with deep reverence. The Chobe Safari Lodge offers an extraordinary chance to taste wildlife, birds, fauna, and flora in the parking area. This region is perfect for fishing and will soon become one of Africa’s excellent fishing areas. “10 Gyms With The Most Spectacular Views” – CNN 2011.

Chobe Safari Lodge
Chobe Safari Lodge. Safari Images


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