11 Fashion Designers with Restaurants of their Own

11 Fashion Designers with Restaurants of Their Own
Fashion Designers with Restaurants of Their Own/courtesy

Fashion designers and luxury clothing manufacturers are quietly but steadily expanding their reach. The food sector is one of their favorite industries. No one would have guessed that globally known labels like as Goodman and Browns, Tiffany & Co., and Louis Vuitton would have (or will have) restaurants. It’s becoming increasingly popular.


While this method may appear strange at first, when you think about it, taking advantage of your popularity in other industries and making the most of it simply makes sense. It has the potential to maximize earnings and considerably improve word-of-mouth marketing if done correctly. Continue reading if you’re curious in the well-known brands that have their own restaurants.


  1. Hello Kitty Food Truck

Sanrio is a Japanese corporation known for developing Japanese pop culture merchandise. Despite the fact that the corporation has a plethora of characters to exploit, it is fair to say that Hello Kitty has been the most successful. Hello Kitty clothing was a huge hit when it first came out, and it continues to be so now.


People all throughout the world are sporting Hello Kitty shirts, purses, and trousers. Could anyone have predicted that a Hello Kitty Food truck would appear? That’s right, there are now. Food trucks from well-known businesses such as Eat Morris and The Taim Mobile can be found in most countries. The Hello Kitty food truck is the most recent addition to this list.


People queue for hours to get a taste of what Hello Kitty has to offer, and this bright pink truck attracts a large crowd. Donuts, multicolored macarons, water bottles styled like Hello Kitty bows, and a range of Sanrio goods are available from the truck. The Hello Kitty food truck may be found in other states, demonstrating how successful the concept was. In certain places, there are even Hello Kitty-themed pop-up cafés.


  2. Tommy Bahama Restauran

The lifestyle and clothing brand Tommy Bahama has three locations in San Diego.

However, the company intends to open more restaurants in the Fashion Valley Mall in the neighborhood. The Marlin Bar will be located near Macy’s, replacing the well-known All Saints store. There are casual eateries as well as a full-service restaurant at the corporation. Some of them have apparel retail outlets attached to them.


Tommy Bahama’s retail store, outdoor terrace, and counter-service restaurant will all be housed in the Fashion Valley location. The menu is fairly wide, to most people’s surprise, and includes items such as blue crab and avocado salad, Cuban sandwich, coconut shrimp, and much more. There are rum beverages, margaritas, martinis, and other take-away libations on the cocktail menu.


  3. Prada Bakery in Milan

Prada is much more than a luxury label.

Initially, the Prada Foundation was established, which was a Milan-based art museum with a bar designed by famed filmmaker Wes Anderson. Prada, on the other hand, did not stop there. It bought Pasticceria Marchesi, a well-known pastry shop in Milan. This bakery was started in 1824 by a fashion company. The fact that it is still managed by the founding family is particularly impressive.


Pasticceria Marchesi features a good selection of wine and beer in addition to baked items. It only offers these drinks at night, which makes it a lot more relaxed than regular pubs. You might be asking why Prada, a well-known fashion house, would wish to enter the food industry. The reason is simple: Miuccia Prada has a long and illustrious history in Milan. She was born and raised in that location. Her work is mostly inspired by Milanese culture. She also holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Milan.


Prada declared prior to the establishment of the Prada Foundation, which includes a coffee shop, library, and a variety of other social gathering spots, that she wanted children to fall in love with culture.


  4. Nordstrom Café


In the 1980s, Nordstrom launched its Classic Café. Salads such as BBQ chicken salad, Caesar salad, and Chinese chicken salad were prominent on the menu. The company later began rebranding its Classic Cafes as Marketplace Café. These restaurants had newer decor and a larger menu.


In the United States, there are more than 250 Nordstrom food and drink shops and restaurants. When asked about the evolution of their notions, the company’s representatives were tight-lipped.


However, if you look closely, you’ll find that the inspiration is definitely drawn from national cuisine trends, as evidenced by Habitant’s handcrafted cocktails and Raam’s Asian steamed buns.


  5. Ralph’s


Ralph Lauren, the American fashion house, needs no introduction, but did you know that it also has a couple of restaurants? The restaurants of Ralph Lauren are for foodies and fashionistas who seek the best of both worlds.


There are locations for these restaurants in Paris, the United States, and a number of other countries. Ralph’s food selection is fairly comparable to what you’d find in most restaurants, with burgers, soups, angus steaks, and other items at the top of the list.


  6. Café Vogue


Do you enjoy reading fashion and culinary magazines? If you answered yes, there is an amazing spot you should see. Vogue began as a fashion magazine before evolving into a full-fledged clothing line. It also ventured into the food industry by opening its own café in Portugal.


Following the opening of the first café, Vogue grew by opening more locations in several European towns.


With a selection of beautiful meals such as chia pudding, kofta, bao buns, and more, the Vogue café provides a fantastic blend of food and elegance to its clients.


  7. Café Kitsune


Café Kitsune is a fantastic example of a cafe that combines food and fashion. This café, on the other hand, is significantly different from the other opulent places on this list. The Café Kitsune features a distinct yet basic style, rather than lavish décor and furniture. Tokyo, Japan, was the first location to open.


Because of its enormous success, the company decided to open a second location in Seoul, South Korea.


Café Kitsune is known for its delicious food, strong coffee, and a large retail section filled with largely home decor items.


  8. Armani Café


Emporio Armaani is a well-known Italian apparel brand that need no introduction. This company also opened a café in Milan, using its enormous brand value and popularity.


The Armani Café’s most outstanding feature is its stylish design code, which is based on the 1930s and has clean lines, subdued tones, and a range of excellent materials. Café Armani offers a wide variety of cuisine, from baked snacks to whole dinners.


  9. Gucci Osteria


The Gucci Osteria, led by world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura, has a diverse menu that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and then some. This café, which is located in Florence’s recently created Gucci Garden, provides an ambience in which you may easily get lost.


Pink dishes, gold engravings, and green walls decorate the dining rooms of this restaurant/café, maintaining faithful to Gucci’s iconic design.



  10. Burberry’s Thomas Café


Burberry is known for its elegant clothing, footwear, and other fashion accessories all over the world, but the company has decided to branch out into the food sector as well. In Georgetown, South Carolina, it opened the Thomas café. Burberry lovers flocked to the store the day it opened.

This café offers a wide range of English products, including artisan cheeses, caviar, and farmed meats, among other things.

The Thomas café boasts a light basic interior design with dark wood furnishings that nicely complements the brand’s ageless appeal.


11. GQ Bar


In Dubai, GQ opened a bar to give fans a place to unwind in luxury. The bar’s walls feature a bevy of well-known GQ celebrities, demonstrating the brand’s real aesthetic. Every Tuesday, GQ conducts Cognac and Cigar evenings for males and “women we love” evenings for ladies.


Unlike most of the cafes and restaurants on this list, the GQ bar does not provide a large selection of food. However, the indoor seating area, décor, and good beverage choices more than make up for it.


Many other fashion enterprises and clothing brands are following in the footsteps of the businesses mentioned in this article. As a result, additional crossovers in the fashion and food realms are likely to occur in the near future.

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