The first season of 13 Reasons Why premiered last year and quickly became popular. This TV series in terms of fans is on the level of other Netflix hits such as Stranger Things and its Marvel shows.

The premise of 13 Reasons Why is nail-biting. It makes viewers want to know what happened. The plot is Hannah Baker, a beautiful high school student committed suicide and recorded 13 cassette tapes explaining why she did it. Hannah gave these tapes to a friend Tony, so after she died he would be the one to pass these tapes around to the certain people that Hannah blames for the downfall of her life.

The show picks up after several people have listened to these tapes and its now Clay’s turn. Clay is a guy who worked with Hannah at a movie theatre and had a crush on her. It’s really hard to imagine how Clay possibly could have a role in Hannah’s suicide.

Also, each episode, named after the cassette tapes, explains one reason why she did it in chronological order (like a story). The first season of 13 Reasons Why is about a story and a story within this story. One of the show’s issues is since Hannah is dead and the main perspective Clay loved her, it can be difficult for viewers to see Hannah as an unreliable narrator. Even if she has no reason to lie, it’s still only one perspective, not a full picture, sadly.

The show does a fair job of presenting Hannah’s unreliability through other characters but these other people are way more flawed than Hannah or Clay. Also, flashbacks tend to follow the eyes of Hannah or Clay, showing subjectivity.

The audience isn’t meant to see Hannah as the absolute truth but it can be easy for the viewers to absolutely trust Hannah who has died over the people who she blames for her death. A few of them are some terrible people and all of them did terrible things to Hannah, including bullying, lies, invasion of privacy, not being there for her as a true friend and rape.

13 Reasons Why is not an easy show to watch. It really shows how hard it can be to survive modern high schools and the lack of resources for depressed people or rape survivors. This really isn’t a show anyone should watch alone whether they’re struggling with something or not.

This show can trigger people but also because 13 Reasons Why is about creating a discussion which is something it has definitely achieved. It doesn’t matter if you think the show isn’t good or if it’s portrayal of issues is bad; these issues should be discussed.

The second season has the main cast warning viewers and telling them to seek help if they’re struggling because talking and sharing the struggle can make it easier. This warning is featured before the first episode and right after it, there is also another warning spoken during the credits. Surely, these warnings will occur before and after each episode. The first season didn’t start out with warnings but Netflix implemented warnings later.

Despite the difficulty of watching events unfold on the show, people still want to watch the show because its mystery. For example, there’s Clay who doesn’t know exactly why he’s on these tapes. This creates tension as with each reason why, the audience is waiting for Clay to get his answer.

Though tension is also increased by the tragic incidents that happen to Hannah. She goes through an unreasonable amount. It can be hard to imagine realistically all this stuff happening to her and for no one to ever make sure she was okay as well. It’s surely possible but this is also one of the complaints about the show.

13 Reasons Why can almost seem like a checklist of bad things that can happen to you during high school. For the sake of the story, having multiple terrible things happen to Hannah makes it easier for more people to empathize and relate to her. And if you don’t empathize with Hannah, then the show doesn’t work for you.

Also, it’s important to remember that 13 Reasons Why is a drama. It’s a story. Yes, it covers some serious topics but it is allowed to have the freedom to do so with creativity. The show has a message, but it isn’t black or white. It’s not simple. Sadly, Hannah’s role in the show and everlasting tension can sometimes make it seem like there is a simple answer.

13 Reasons Why has become a controversial show and due to this controversy, some people have chosen not to watch it. Scientists have reported that the show can have negative effects and many people have committed suicide after watching the show. This is very sad but this show can’t be the sole or even main blame for an issue that’s been prevalent in America since forever.

With discussion, lives can be saved. The more that people talk about these issues, the more comfortable people who are truly struggling with these problems will feel about seeking help.

13 Reasons Why courageously delve into this subject matter and can encourage people to speak up. Despite criticisms, the show is still very popular and is positively reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes. The show has an average rating of 7.2 out of 10 on the website and 80% of these reviews are fresh (positive). Also, Katherine Langford who plays Hannah was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance.

Based off the first episode of season two, it seems season two will be about the court case between the school and Hannah’s mother, regarding if the school knew about her incidents and chose not to help her. More importantly, it seems this case will give more complexity to Hannah.

Indeed one should be safe and wary about watching this show. It can be mentally and emotionally stressing. 13 Reasons Why is still a phenomenal show that covers suicide, its effects and other issues people deal with. There can be negative effects but this show can have positive effects when it leads to discussion about mental health and bullying.

If you watch the newest season, please be aware of your state and talk to people about the show itself and its serious subject material.