Benny Gantz elected Speaker of Israel’s Knesset after a Year-long deadlock

Former Israeli military chief Benny Gantz elected as the speaker of parliament on Thursday, after securing the support of the majority.

Benny Gnatz elected Knesset Speaker

Benny Gantz of Blue and White party was elected the speaker of Knesset by securing 74 votes in the parliamentary session on Thursday. Only 18 members of 120 seat parliament voted against him.

The move suggested the chances of a political partnership between Netanyahu’s Likud party and centrist Gantz’s party, which could help him stay in power. While accepting the speaker’s gavel, Gantz said

Israel is facing a growing number of [coronavirus] infections and the number of victims is rising daily,”

Many see this as a rotation deal with both former rivals who would take terms as Prime Ministers. The talks of forming a unity government have been there since the inconclusive third election of March 2.


However, the previous efforts were of no use as both the leaders insisted on becoming the Prime Minister first. This led to a political deadlock amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has proposed to from the emergency unity government. Primarily because of the collective crisis the nation faces, and the President has also proposed them to join hands in these hard times.

Netanyahu and Benny Gantz: Emergency Unity government

On Thursday, Gantz said in the Knesset that these are extraordinary times that require some unusual decisions and intended to advance towards a unity government with Netanyahu.

However, Gantz has previously ruled out the options of forming any kind of coalition with Netanyahu. Because of his corruption and bribery charges. Though the trial was to start on March 17, it has been delayed until May 24 because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Netanyahu has denied any wrongdoing and has blamed his political opponents for using this as a political tool.

On Wednesday, the speaker of the Knesset, who is an ally of Netanyahu, resigned over a row with the country’s supreme court. It led to the Blue and white party putting forward its nominee in the race for speaker.

But in a surprise move, Gantz put himself forward and won the votes of the majority to become the speaker. Meanwhile, many lawmakers who had previously backed Benny Gantz criticized his move.

Yesh Atid and Former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon filed a formal complaint to break away from his faction in the Knesset.

Gantz, with no plans for the coalition, accepted the sat of the speaker under pressure because of the coronavirus outbreak. In the moment of crisis and despite high polarization over Netanyahu’s leadership.

This is a major victory for him with another comeback as the longest-serving Prime Minister of Israel.

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