Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon clashed in a heated debate after weeks of attacking each other from afar.

The two candidates represent opposing viewpoints within New York’s Democratic party, and they definitely clashed. The debate featured everything from sharp and fast attacks to eruptions of frustration.

The candidates discussed President Donald Trump, New York’s subways, health care policy, and accusations of corruption in the Cuomo administration. However, the candidates could not discuss any of these topics without leveling frequent jabs at each other.

At one point, Cuomo said to Nixon, “Can you stop interrupting?” Nixon replied, “Can you stop lying?”

Cuomo attempted to shoot back by saying, “As soon as you do,” which didn’t come off as sharp as did Nixon’s response.

The candidates also disagreed about Cuomo’s opposition to President Trump.

According to the Cuomo, “no one has stood up to Donald Trump the way [that he has].”

Nixon replied, “You stood up to him about as well as he stood up to Putin.”

However, most of the debate was sadly unproductive. The same pattern emerged: Cuomo addressed his proposals for policy, Nixon said that he was corrupt and a terrible governor and gave insight into her own policies.

At the end of the day, most of the debate seemed to be inconclusive. The candidates did not state new proposals, and they merely re-confirmed their opposition to each other. It was a night filled with one-liners and intense verbal discussion between the two candidates, but they didn’t offer anything new to the conversation.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons