Is Losing Weight on a Specific Body Part Possible?

  • Calorie counts determine the weight loss routine of an individual
  • Certain workout routines exist to ensure the achievement of such an objective.
losing weight on a specific body part
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This query might have caused a stir in your mind — the thought of focusing your body weight loss on a specified body area. You might feel comfortably okay with other parts of your body. However, body sections like the thighs, hips, stomach area, and legs might be the plague you are unable to defeat. The possibility of losing weight on a specific body part is an art that even the Chinese Monks are yet to master. That is not to say that your quest to attain the impossible is a fool’s errand. The thighs, legs, waist, and stomach can slim down if you manage to lower the overall fat levels of your body.

The Weight Loss Quest

Achieving your desired toned or slim appearance will require that you arm yourselves with two weapons, a workout program, and a balanced diet. The workout program will be responsible for promoting muscle growth that increases the body’s metabolic rates. It is valid for lowering cholesterol levels in the body. The physique change you anticipate will not happen overnight. It is a gradual transition that promises long-term results.

Cutting Calories from Your Diet

Cutting off your calorie intake is the crucial first step to manage such a weight loss routine. Statistically, 3,500 calories approximately correspond to a pound of fat you intake. This outcome will force you on a daily calorie-burn plan of between 500 and 1000 calories. Thus on a weekly average, you will lose 1 to 2 pounds.

You should first seek a professional consult on nutrition to determine the recommended calories for your weight. There also exist online tools that provide calorie burn calculators if you decide to go for it. The recommended calorie amount in your body is dependent on factors like age, gender, body composition, and body size. Thus the first recommend step before committing to any weight loss routine is to seek the go-ahead from a professional medical consultation. 

Knowing the exact calorie-amount your body needs will enable you to decide on whether to burn the excess calories through exercises or reduce your calorie intake. Havard Health Publishing states that the daily calorie intake for men should not go below 1,500 and that for women not below 1,200. Going too extreme on the weight loss plan will be inviting unnecessary health hazards to your body. You will deny your body the necessary nutrients, and it might decide to dive into starvation mode and hold captive the available body fats.   

Tone Waist, Stomach, and Legs

If you are committed to your calorie-restricted diet, then you should strive to complement the anticipated outcome with strength training. It will facilitate muscle buildup on your legs and midsection. Losing weight on a specific body part is accelerated through muscle tissues. Their ability to burn more calories than fat during a workout propels your body to embody a leaner and toned appearance. 

Involving yourself in weekly strength training sessions twice or thrice is the ultimate path to losing weight on a specific body part. Focus on weighted lunges, deadlifts, and squats if you target the le muscles. They are also useful for strengthening the midsection of your body as such workouts force the core to stabilize the body. Side planks and other aspects of the plank workout will do wonders for the waist and stomach.

You can decide to catch a Pilates class or creatively implement such routines in your training. What follows now is just the aspect of discipline and commitment to your routine, and you are good to go.       

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