Madman’s Fury: Trump was Talking about Attacking Iranian Websites?

Trump must have realized the raining rockets in the middle east are not the pomp of any royal wedding of an Arab prince. It is war, old man!!!

Iranian websites

A madman’s fury is a dangerous thing, at times even self-destructive, as it tends to multiply the danger on a national scale.

Trump must have realized the raining rockets in the middle east are not the pomp of any royal wedding of an Arab prince. It is war, old man.

As Iran is openly inviting a war, the Pentagon seeks to disconnect the telecommunication wires in the White House. Still, President Trump’s last words were heard that the media misquoted his statement about targeting cultural sites.

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The President sought to clarify he was giving a casual threat to Khomenei that the US could target Iranian websites.

It was the president’s way of alluring the job-hunting hackers who might vote for a Democratic presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, the Democratic presidential candidate tried to console Iran by offering them a “gift”. Surprisingly, the gift was none other than Mr. Trump, whose unthoughtful tweets escalated the situation to this level.

“Why don’t we give away Trump to Iran as a royal hostage?” said the Democrat’s presidential candidate.

A debate soon followed in the US Senate evaluating the pros and cons of the proposition, which some of them said was not a bad idea.

However, President Trump was furious at this possibility. He said if Senators passed any such bill, extraditing him to Iran, he would catch the first flight to Afghanistan. The angry president said that he would spend a gay life under the tutelage of the Afghan Taliban, who are known for risking the national peace to save a foreign host.

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Also, the Russian President took this opportunity to increase the suspicion that he was involved in the last US presidential elections. Putin offered Trump to come to Russia and that the US president did not have to marry a Russian woman to get Russian citizenship.

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Putin also promised his US counterpart to create a post as the vice president, and that too without any formality of an election.

Although the offer was too enticing, President Trump declined when he was told there was no McDonald’s in Russia. Trump was heard as saying, “I would rather go to hell with a McDonald’s than a paradise without one”.

As far as the people of the United States are concerned, they have blamed the recent escalation on social media. Many who spoke to the press said that social media should be banned in the US as strictly as in Iran.

Some have even said that they will vote for the candidate who doesn’t have a Twitter account. While some said that being dumb would be an additional virtue, they are expecting in the next president.

On a more serious note, Iran has responded that rockets were launched against the US bases in Iraq as revenge. The US forces had killed the top general of Iranian Quds Force while he was in the Baghdad airport.

After minutes of firing rockets at the Iraq base, Iran said it did not want an escalation with the US. Furthermore, when asked about its nuclear program, the Iranian spokesman of the government said it would continue it. He said Iran intends to pursue a peaceful use of it like all the other responsible nuclear states, including the US.

The Foreign Minister of Iran also said that besides peaceful purposes, its nuclear program would seek to extract effective diplomacy with the US. He cited North Korea that had been an “evil of axis” until it gained the Huawsong-15, the International Ballistic that could reach the US.

The Iranian FM said that Iran also wished to purchase the friendship of the US, and for that, nuclear capability is indispensable.

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